Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Review

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

Today I’m gonna be doing a review of this Campbell hausfeld 8 gallon quiet compressor hope

you guys enjoy okay so first thing is I know a lot of our computer and tech

people are like ok what’s the point of having an air compressor for you know if

I’m mainly into computers and stuff well Madden I can both tell you that these

things can actually come pretty in use for actually quite a bit of hardware

related things now one of the most important things that I use mine for a

lot is rather than buying those five to six dollar things of canned air not to

mention you have to be 18 in most places to buy them this works just as good and

it’s basically an unlimited source of air I just did the basic break and

proceeded procedure which this is much more simple than mini air compressors

are this is an oil-free compressor so you don’t have to maintain any oils or

anything that the Pistons self lubricated this one is an 8 gallon

capacity so it’s an 8 gallon steel tank nice and thick in the welds are really

good it has these nice little tires that look like they’re maybe five or six inch

tires and a little odd noise dampener in the front so I’m just going over some of

the features we have both the gauges right here so this one right here has

the pressure regulator so you just have one hook up right here where you can

hook up your fitting in there and have whatever length pose you want and then

you can control the PSI coming out of there with this gauge and pressure

regulator this one right here is your overall tank psi this thing goes up to

125 psi so much it holds and then I think once it hits 90 psi it refills so

right now we’re at zero now over here we have a pressure relief valve where you

pull this to let air out now what I really like about this compressor that a

lot of bigger compressors even don’t have is this valve right down here so

there’s an on/off and what this is is basically like a main drain where you

can actually pretty much a drain like excess moisture and stuff out because

there’s people know a lot of compressors like a example is pancake one over here

just has a little sing appeared and see up there but a lot of times they don’t

have anything down here to actually get like the built-up moisture and over time

the actual water that builds up in there a lot of people don’t think about it and

these compressors you know the water didn’t go anywhere and over time it builds

up and causes the inside of the tank to rust it’s not a good thing

somebody guys kind of see some of the specifications here it’s just 120 volt

so you can say I’m like three or four different things hooked up I think this

thing only uses like six amps so it’s not gonna be flipping any breakers or

anything even if you have multiple things on it like I said 125 psi and

it’s 2.0 CFM at 90 psi and 2.8 see if I’m at 40 psi now I’m gonna go in let

you guys know right now that that is that is a pretty freakin low

CFM one of the reasons being is because you got to remember those things are

quiet compressor they have the exact same 8 gallon one but in a non quiet

form where it’s basically just one piston and this is actually two pissed

and so it doesn’t spin as fast of an RPM to build up the air in the same time and

it also supposedly lasts four times longer just because it doesn’t need that

as much rpm the Pistons are moving as fast and they can technically move like

half the speed I have at other air compressors though I had a Harbor

Freight that was 21 gallons and that one I think those are like 5 or 60 at them

at 40 psi and like three-point-something at 90 psi so those have a lot more CFM

and I’m used to having compressors with a lot more CFM which is basically like

the air flow volume so you know for certain tools you know this isn’t gonna

be the best and they have a little thing up top which I read online it’s pretty

accurate where it shows like the basic tools that you know you can be using

this for so you know painting nailing guns and then obviously impacts and such

maybe even air inches but we’ll have to see on that one so what I’m gonna do

first is I’m just gonna see how long this thing takes to go from 0 psi all

the way up to 125 so we’re gonna go and flip this on

all right so the thing just finished filling up incredibly quick so like I

said I’m absolutely love this thing and then all you guys hear down here and

turn all the way on this really freaking loud and you start letting all the air

out but you can see this is like a it’s like a man dream down there basically

where you can like instantly drain you know it really fast if I open all the

way I can get all the PSI out and like I don’t know maybe 20 seconds so but yeah

this thing though is just so quiet that it’s absolutely amazing so real quick

though I’m gonna go ahead and drain some of the air out of this so then you guys

can hear a comparison between these two we just joined this one a little bit

past 90 psi so it’ll kick on I guess first we’ll do the quiet one and by the

way camera is extremely close the microphone is right here and this thing

picks up sound very very well so it’s going to be very loud but I’m gonna back

up though so you guys get a realistic idea and if some thought maybe incorrectly

way that this one down all right let’s do this one all right and I would be quieter

compressed again we can’t talk at the same time yeah so just so you guys know

you know this is only a three gallon at a you know 1/3 horsepower the other ones

that I’ve had I think we’re even louder the craftsman one that I had was 26

gallons it was oilless and it kind of had a similar looking motor on it but I

think that motor was 1.6 horsepower and I had a really really high CF Fenneman

it was great once you got the tank filled up but it took almost frickin 20

minutes because I think the the piston rings might have been worn because it

just it’s like the piston was pumping and everything but there was just barely

any air going into it it didn’t leak or anything so another thing was just junk

and I sold that all I can say though is that this thing I’m not upset at all I

got it at Walmart for I think it was like 150 something after tax so I mean

in my opinion you know for any gallon what’s a great deal I used to be all

about you know hey let me get the biggest compressor you know that I could

afford like the most gallons so that could run multiple tools for very long

period time now I’m kind of just getting more to where I’m like hey you know I’m

tired of having to close the garage to fill up my compressor because I feel

like it’s annoying people I’m tired of having to you know only be able to use

the compressor till you know eight or nine o’clock when now I’m not even

worried about having the garage door open and using the compressor.

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