Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review

20 Gallon Air Compressor

In action today we’re going over the HJ200300 20 gallon 200 psi compressor 200

psi 20 gallon compressor from Hancock Campbell Hausfeld so this is their

new unit couple things to note right off the bat is it looks different than most

oppressors the engine or the motor is right here at the bottom at first I was

kind of perplexed by that but I actually really liked it it adds good balance to

the unit and you know it’s a it fits underneath cabinets and stuff in areas

that you normally would so we’re gonna let Eric also comes with an automotive

kit of tools I’ll go over that when Eric is done here but I’ll pull the camera in

a little bit got a one-year warranty down there system the tank however

though comes with a 10 year warranty basically for guaranteed you gets no

cracks no holes and it’s basically designed for 10 million cycles so it’s

definitely a lot right here is basically your gage Center you have your on and

off switch right here which I’ll show I’ll turn on in a second it is kind of

loud but it has to do with because it’s an oil free pump so it’s kind of a give

and take the oil free pump is is nice for me because I’m not one eye not

checking the oil all the time I don’t want my engine or my motor to seize up

all regulator in ABS vice is a two and a half inch now so let’s get if you can

see it on the cameras got the indentation so you can grab it even with

gloves on then here’s your actual outlet your pressure which is nice it’s very

easy to read and as you can see it’s got a couple little icons in there such as

your tires such as you know your paint sprayer your impact so it gives you a

nice gauge can you see it on the where to set it so that’s pretty cool

on the bottom over here that’s actually your tank pressure so not that it’s bad

down there would have been nice how to like to seen it up here just easier to

read you can read everything at one time not a huge deal I do like the motor down

here as Dan says I used to figure words and I know what it means but I was

actually my first saw it I was kind of thinking back past but then after I

realized that once we actually started moving it into the shop how easy it was

to maneuver wasn’t you you know what wasn’t trying to fight it was normal

compressors have the actual compressor up top or the motor up top this one’s

got it down below so I do like better balance definitely and it’s got this 3.7

CFM at night needed psi and yeah one thing I wanted to touch about too is yep

push straight into the drain yeah you twist it so instead of having a like a

ball belt you actually twist up so I’m not a huge fan of that that it’s not a

make it or break a deal it just it is what it is so what I’m gonna do right

now is I’m gonna go to the camera have Dan go over it comes with a 24 piece kit

it’s got it’s basically designed for the automotive so you can get this and start

working right away okay try to keep it steady

okay come to this automotive kit Eric said was it 26 pieces 24 24 pieces so

we’ll try to that account for all those first thing it comes with that’s kind of

cool is that sprayer which is cool so if you need to spray your deck spray your car whatever

this will definitely and I mean this isn’t like you mix your own paint kind

of deal take that off put your paint in there and you’re spraying so definitely cool with that smell that

okay next we’re gonna have is that air impact no an air ratchet um so this is

pretty cool I actually was using this stuff earlier just playing around with

it and it’s decent quality stuff it’s not like you know cheap set or anything

like that something a couple NPT settings actually comes as a punch we’ve

already got one some of it also school comes with the sockets and the impacts

which is really cool teflon tape so you’re ready to go comes

with the actual impact which is kind of like funnel air pressure fill our entire

gauge thing jig would he call that pressure good cleaner

yeah oh you’re just estimate butterfly impact wrench for those tight areas and

it comes with a pan so real cool for the automotive enthusiast you want something

that’s gonna be in your garage that you don’t have to go out and buy all these

little extras I really get them kudos for that

I love possibly including the teflon tape and NPT oh this is everything you

need to get started again you’re set to go and it’s a decent little compress until

we start it up Oh No yeah because it up and then we’ll close it out tools in

action calm and we’re gonna close it up by running the compressor tools and action calm with little just.

Source : Campbell Hausfeld HJ200300 20 Gallon Air Compressor

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