Campbell Air Compressor Review, Well Built And Quiet Works Really Well

Campbell Air Compressor

Okay we’re here with the Campbell AHA spelled air compressor it’s rated as a

quiet air compressor it’s a one horsepower engine two cylinder it has an

8 gallon tank on it which which is good and it produces 2.4 cubic feet per

minute at 90 psi that’s what it’s rated at the air compressor rating itself

that’s that’s a little bit low but the larger tank gives it a surge volume so

it’s rated at 125 psi at 90 excuse me 125 max psi so you’ve got a couple

gauges on this thing you’ve got over here a gauge will tell you the freshmen’

you’ve got in the tank now we’re here you’ve got a gauge they’ll tell you the

pressure you’re gonna have at the end of your hose and you’ve got a regulator so

you can adjust the pressure you’re gonna end up with no the this pressure here depends on the

tool you’re getting is its it seems to be fairly accurate and it’s fairly easy

to adjust the maintenance on this particular compressor is easy and if you

close this all the way down by the way it will max out at 125 right now it’s

sitting about hundred twelve we’re gonna turn on here in just a minute you can

listen to it but rubber rests on the front it feels fairly stable fairly

substantial well built look at the welds yeah it’s a tank the on the bottom

there’s a drain valve which every time every day you’re supposed to bring that

out and let the moisture out to conserve the tank as part of the magnesite

it is a lubrication free compressor which means you don’t have to keep

putting a air oil in it you just lubricate your tool on the end as

opposed to the compressor itself some compressors require you to put oil in it

on a regular basis as a purge valve over here and a safety valve right there and

it has an air filter that’s something that not all compressors come with and

it’s just a sponge that filters the air you can take this cap off and you can

wash the sponge out and put it back in so it’s fairly fairly easy maintenance

so we’re gonna go ahead and turn this on and bring it up to pressure

maybe I’ve got enough pressure already I’m talking over the compressor it’s not

very loud I have another low noise compressor this one’s rated at 68

decibels the other one I have is rated at 74 this one is definitely quieter

than the 74 the 74 is a smaller tank a larger CFM production capacity having

used both of them the larger tank gives you enough air to work on a large job

the higher CPM production allows you to do continuous nailing or continuous

operation this one is sufficient the box tells you what it will run optimally and

Ron what it will run on an intermittent basis this is good for light nailing if

you’re gonna use this as a heavy nailer you’d have to have some breaks in

between you couldn’t just go on a steady basis because it would lose its charge

and their template eventually going on you we’d have to do it a little bit of a

break to catch up but it’s good for filling tires it’s good for their

wrenches things like that it’s it’s got a fairly substantial tank this is a

large tank in the camel tank I would give this a five star rating for home

use maybe some light industrial use.

Source : Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor Review

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