California Air Tools Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Review

Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Okay so we got it all together now I got there was just you got to put the wheels

on and by the way make special notes you can put the wheels on backwards if you

put the wheels on backwards you see this is actually inset here and on this side

it’s actually sticking out so if you put them on backwards the tire is going to

rub up against that that’s braced there so that’s all you

had to do is put the tires on and put the little rubber bumper on there and

the muffler and this little drain tube up the bottom of the water separator

but I’ve already used it once and I’ve drained the air out of it and I’m gonna

about to turn it on I’ve got it set at 90 it’s of course at zero now because

it’s drained but I wanted to show how quiet it is and how quickly it airs up

so ear goes and that’s it that’s a lot of the guests

it’s really, really pretty quiet as their compressors

my last air compressor was so loud when people are leave early in the morning

but I don’t, it works pretty good and kicked on and I’ll demonstrate some

trailer tire letting them right up with it stop killing like

and that’s it ready to ready to go no I just have the air gun on it right now

but this is a just regular tighter air gun and I’ll run it wide open here

just to show how long it takes for it to kick back on, it’s no problem really

because it’s quiet and it definitely keeps up you could actually just keep filling

without having to stop my first experience

so far this is pretty good I’ll be doing the impact wrench in the pet

hammer and the air ratchet and the ball gun

okay gonna get started testing out some air tools on it I’m gonna start with the

impact wrench this is the nitro cat housing TC thousand foot-pounds of

torque which is stronger than average let’s see what it does

shouldn’t have any problem I’ve got it set at 90 psi which is where I always

use this at with the last compressor let’s give it a try

alright that’s good these five anyway and compressor didn’t even

kick on yet so that’s good, you know I was using a roofing compressor before I actually got it

right here but I don’t want to show it yes and this tank is as small as it is

it’s got a bigger tank than my previous one so that’s gonna work out pretty good

so no problem at all with the impact wrench see what’s next okay next is

gonna be the regular tire error oh the here killer I’m sure I will put the name

of this thing in the subtitle but I wanted to show that this particular tire

is at zero and now this thing is definitely going to make the compressor

kick on what I wanted to show how it’s able to keep up so here we go

you hear coking on almost a theory here we are about 32 I usually put these 35

one thing I will say this one definitely works better than my last last

compressor the way it’s able to keep up because it’s got the two Pistons even

though the tank isn’t completely you know pressurized it has enough to to

keep up so you don’t have to wait for it to like charge up that’s real good

alright don’t know what’s next okay the next thing I’m going to demonstrate here

is this air ratchet here now this is a ninety ninety foot-pounds of torque

air ratchet and what I’ve been running into on this one on the smaller

compressor before this one is that this one would take up so much air that it

would really slow down and you would have to stop and let it charge up to

here taking off a bunch of nuts on some long bolts and so this is gonna be the

first time I try this one what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna I know that the

compressor will turn on but I don’t know exactly when and we’ll see how long it

takes to turn on and let’s see if it can keep it going you know have the camera

on the gauges here so you’re good, okay well what I can’t say is that it

does better than my last compressor but it does still lose the battle so it’s

not gonna be something that you can go paint cars with that’s for sure

next I will demonstrate the blowgun and then that will be it

okay here we go so this is a blowgun this is gonna eat up all kinds of air

and it’s of course gonna make sick on almost instantly well let’s just see I

want to do is see how long it loses it its effectiveness a certain point when

you’re blowing off the garage you you just give up mine because this mat

doesn’t have enough strength so think I’m probably gonna be able to tell by

the sound and I’ll watch the gauges here, okay here we go that’s a lot of effectiveness it’s

much where you would turn it off and let it recharge and I was just showing

water separator is separating water but it is quite a bit better than the last

compressor anybody that’s got a big compressor is probably thinking this is

all lousy but the idea is that this thing is you know compressors small

and it’s an entangled space here and still doing pretty good

got to say it past my expectations quite quite good very happy with it

anyway that’ll do it hope this helped somebody.

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