Briggs And Stratton 8 Gallon Hotdog Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil Free Air Compressor

Hi we’re gonna fix him to a broken this is going to be an unboxing of a Briggs &

Stratton air compressor this is a 8 gallon 150 max psi 4.8 cubic feet per minute

I guess just an air compressor it is what it is so as you can see it’s got a

handle it kind of sits like that and like a hot dog and then it’s got some

wheels to roll it around this says it’s an oil free pump and it’s got a couple

gauges on top which is nice so it’s about 70 pounds a little heavy the one

I’m replacing is a I guess a 1.75 gallons so it’s much smaller this holds

a lot more air so let me open the box and take this out and see what we got

okay and it’s out of the box now and this is what we have here’s the handles

a very strong steel handle which is nice it’s got some little wing nuts on the

end to loosen and
tighten it it’s got a couple of wheels these are plastic but

they fairly heavy that’s nice bolts in there it’s got a

little tool compatibility chart so that’s nice looks mostly and guess it’s in Spanish as well

oh pretty good manual also in Spanish there’s the English one okay and the

unit itself do you have to put the wheels on that’s fine as you can see

it’s got a couple pressure gauges in here, oh the plus key but really beefy volume

knob for the air quick-release that’s nice to have was gonna put one of those

on there anyways pretty good power cord that comes with its own velcro which is

good and then the same specs on the side which is nice and a big ol snapper

switch on top okay, well let’s uh put some wheels on this

put the handles on and then a plug it in and we’ll come right back thanks okay

and the wheels are on and handle those on and that’s really all it needed

except for hose so this is the hose off my other one and as you can see you got

that quick release here quick shot in and there it is so let’s uh power this

thing on probably uh maybe an 8 meter extension cord okay and over here I have

my kilowatt meter so we can see how much power this thing’s going to take when

it’s running okay with it off at zero so it doesn’t look like there’s any vampire

power and I think that’s it let’s just, okay you hit 150 and turned off which is

perfect and I don’t hear any hissing which is good that means there’s no

leaks there is also a valve on the bottle oh yeah that’s right they’re kind

of hard to see but yes that’s an overflow valve or you want to breathe

the system actually the overflows right there safety valve you want to bleed all

the air out there’s a little quick valve at the bottom okay so it’s fully charged

now let’s give it some air, yeah we’re going to go to about 50 psi

about there okay no problem yeah let’s see it did go down a little bit

yeah we’re at about 140 yes I own the tank it’s getting noisy

okay what we saw there was at 125 psi that kicks back on and when I was

outputting 60 psi was holding steady about 120 psi

so it seems to it seems to be able to hold its pressure which is nice the one

I had previous this one was much smaller and couldn’t hold anything thanks you’re

so small it just it runs constantly and it just can’t keep up so and that one’s

probably 20 years old so so this is a Briggs and Stratton

purchased this at Walmart is about I think $89 $80 something like that for an

8 gallon high 50 psi that’s not too bad so that’s my review of the Briggs and Stratton

8 gallon high 50 psi max hole free air compressor.

Source : Briggs & Stratton 8 Gallon Hotdog Oil-free Air Compressor

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