Brake Control Module Replacement 2007-2009 Toyota Camry

Brake Control Module

I show you how to replace an ABS control module on a 2007 Toyota Camry

so you don’t miss any of my explanation before you do anything you need to

disconnect the battery find the negative connector usually has a black cap or a

minus symbol loosen the nut remove the connector from the terminal and move it

away from the battery this is where the ABS control module is located in a 2007 Toyota Camry

I ordered a replacement part for my local auto recycler all I need it was

the ABS control module but my auto recycler only sells a module with the

ABS pump attached I realized I had a problem when my speedometer stopped

working while I was driving the brake warning light and ABS warning light came

on the speedometer needle would occasionally flicker as to the

tachometer which is the RPM gauge and the temperature gauge stopped working

altogether the gear light that usually says the R N or D D when you’re driving

that would turn on and off all by itself I’ll put a link in the description to a

video showing the craziness that I saw on my dash lift up on the plastic lever

to unlock the cable connector then disconnect the cable remember you are

going to disconnect your battery first now you can remove the four screws from

the anti-lock braking system control module one two three

for here I’m using a 5/32 socket to loosen the bolts with the cable and the

four bolts removed pull the ABS control module straight off

on your replacement part make sure that you didn’t get any dirt on the gasket

before you install it on the inside of the ABS module there

are two slots and eight holes that need to line up with the pins on the Block I

lined up the two slotted pins first then gently work the eight pins into their holes

with the replacement ABS module in place you can secure it with the four bolts

you previously removed my replacement part cost one hundred seventy seven

dollars Canadian and that was for a recycled part now that included the ABS

pump which I didn’t need to replace replacing the a BS pump would be a more

complex job as the break lines are under pressure and that jobs probably best

left to the experts when ordering the part the auto recycler asked me a few

questions they asked if my car had traction control button which it does

not and they asked for the 5th digit in the VIN which is the vehicle

identification number with the bolts tightened you can

reattach the cable connector to do so just push it back into place and then

slide the lever back down and it should pull its way back and lock in place

here’s the same thing just at a different angle so you can get a better

view of how to lock that cable connector back in place once the cable is locked

in place you can reattach the battery wire and tighten that connection.

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