Bostitch Air Compressor 6 Gallon Pancake Review

Bostitch Air Compressor

Today I’m gonna show reveal about the Bostitch compressor 6 gallon compressor

combo this combo comes with the compressor and the brat Nayla so let’s

open it up to see what host down man you useless level

and Lola in the Box today I’m not doing any mailing so let’s just take a look at

the compressor first hostage sb 1850 BM now lad 18 gauge brad nailer so

we only comes with a hose this is quite a small house

plastic small plastic holes before rubber holes but well it’s free why

should I complain and let’s see this compressor 6 gallon pancake compressor

got two outlet and let’s see just just pressure on off button and that’s pretty much it

very simple let me plop in see how it runs

alright so I’m ready to plug in let’s see quick connect to the light

not not very easy to hook up on the back here ever valve for bleeding care

hi I’m Betty plop it in let’s turn on see how loud it is it is very loud

about five feet away muffler is quite loud

alright the compressor now is full and let’s say it stops at 160 psi when it’s full

it automatically stopped and it runs really Lounge

I think I have to add the ran run away and find the ear muffler because it was way too

loud which is expected because this is a compressor that doesn’t oil to loopy for

lubrication so that’s a comparison I have my craftsman 6-gallon he had a 60 gallon compressor

this is my old compressor and I’ve had it for a few years now and it runs just

fine no problem and this new compressor here from Bostitch but you look hard

enough they are pretty much the same look at how they make the black see it’s

exactly the same in the construction is almost the same except the top part it’s

a bit different but other than that they are pretty much the same even though

this craftsman pressure here is mouth I would say seven years old and it’s

exactly the same just live for name I think the inside here probably the same

tool which is shaped differently probably the same

and the the loudness is the same when when the craftsman runs it as loud as

the Bostitch and it sounds exactly the same so but even though these made by two

different companies but they probably originated from the same factory I would

say you know after the years that change the shapes of the top but they are

basically the same thing alright folks that’s my short review of the Bostitch six gallon compressor.

Bostitch Portable Pancake Compressor 6 Gallon 150psi Review

Bostitch Portable Pancake Compressor

Okay this is my quick review of the Bostitch 6 gallon 150 psi

pancakes portable compressor along with 17 inches high 17 inches wide and

maintenances deep I’ve used it on a few jobs so far um I have to say no problems

it works very nice and I’m going to show you some of the features that come to it

hang on the top you have a nice carry handle give it a logo that shows you

information 150 psi 6 gallon you have a little on and off switch right in the

front you have your two indicators one is for tank pressure the other one is

the regulated pressure which is your output to your tools you have two

outputs one on each side so you can run two tools off it at the same time I’m in

the front here you have your dial 2 which controls your regulated pressure

so you’ll dial it up to the pressure you want depending on what kind of tool

you’re using right on the side has a nice little wrap around your AC wire

it’s only about a five I’d say a five foot cord ah the base has nice rubber

footings so won’t scratch a nice wood floors

right underneath the fun gauges there is a pressure relief valve so when you’re

done with the job pull the pin and it will release all the pressure out of the

tank because you don’t want to leave that pressure in there once you’re done

you want to drain it I’m in the bottom you have your release

valve then you also open up that’s going to let out any moisture I haven’t really

ran in more than like an hour and it didn’t really let out that much water

just a little bit of moisture but yes to release this valve also before you store

your tank this agency that moisture in there um you looking close will rust and

rot out your your tank hear what it sounds like um I don’t want to bring it

up the full pressure boom and then I’ll show you how to release but what you do

when you plug it in it’s kind of allowed if you’ve never used a compressor before

so maybe you Furnham around they’ll being used they’re pretty loud they

don’t run consistently once you turn it on it’s going to run until your pressure

gets up to 150 psi because that’s what the tank is regulated at so once it’s at

150 psi it’s going to automatically shut down and then as you start working you

know if you do say you’re using a nail gun you know you’re nailing your nail

and your nail and you’re nailing you’re going to start draining that pressure

and then once the pressure drops down a certain amount it’ll just automatically

kick on and build that pressure back up to 150 and automatically shut down so it

doesn’t consistently run non-stop while you’re using it which is nice because

you don’t want to have to listen to that whole time so here’s what it sounds like

when it gets turned on you can see the pressure is starting to

go up that was about what 10 seconds is up to 30 so I’m going to let the air out

on from the side I mean I guess I’d just you got the trigger here you’d be

holding the holes and letting air out okay so that’s how wraps up a little

review of the Bostick 150 psi six gallon calm portable pancake compressor um

I know it sells individual by itself so you have to get a hose they come in

different lengths and then they also sell you know different type of male

guns you get a brad nailer finish nailer and so on staple guns depending on the

type of job that you do watch for my video I’m going to make another one

reviewing the nailer and how they all work together and that’s about it the reviews

online for this or awesome I have no complaints I love it

they sell also one other thing one of those days they know they sell an

accessory tip that you can buy to attach to your hose that you can use this tank

to you know blow up bicycle tires you can blow up a raft air mattress the

tires on your car it also has an accessory

so to check the tire gauge pressure it has an accessory that you can use this

instead of sweeping out the oil at your workshop it adds like an air wand and

you could just blow it clean so there’s a lot of uses for this other than just

using the tools so I’m handy piece to have around the house out in the garage.

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