Blue Hawk 2 Gallon Twin Stack Electric Air Compressor Review

Electric Air Compressor

I’m Tech and today I’m going to review that blue hog two gallon twin

stack air compressor combo kit that I purchased from Lowe’s for 80 bucks

original price they claimed it was 110 and so they haven’t said all this online

for $79.99 and of course it’s supposed to be compressor all the accessories including

a staple gun so let’s do our review on it first let me open up so we’ll see

what’s inside so pull all the specs you can go down to the description I’ll have

all the specs for you there and this is actually pretty lights pretty small box

and now weighted the shipping box itself in section the Box everything is 26

pounds so you can see it’s pretty light so first of all you got the holes I’m

not sure exactly how long it is check out the description perhaps for that now

other parts so this is the staple gun that comes with it it sausage

my fact is also blue hog see that has oiling opponent and some simple staples

you can try it out. So from what I’m seeing in the boxes uses 18 gauge brad staples and Brad so

that’s what a guy so you’ve the accessory kit so has a tape so we can

actually add that quick release which I believe this is I hope it is yes it is

it’s a quick release connector another connector for the cable air vent for a

spring air card adapter so if you want to pump air in your car a tape to you

know once you get up being connected so this is comes a pack here and this is

the compressor just zoomed in a little so it’s fairly small and I mean I can

definitely pick up in one hand it’s not heavy um I’m not sure exactly how the

woman can pick up on I’m gonna wait a little little lid on up how long wait

what’s the weight on it I’m I guess it’s probably around 20 pounds maybe less so

it’s definitely small enough as you can see try to carry see we have two twin

tanks here we have our drainage for maintenance but this is oil-free

supposed to be a lot less less maintenance our gauge connector would

suit release air release our power so it says here that it’s a two gallon seven

point five seven liters 125 psi max and 0.5 SCFM at 90 psi 2 amps current of

course I believe it’s point 3 horsepower engine the reason I bought this one was

specifically because it’s a bit size it’s pretty small so carry and light

something carrying on a job or anywhere else you needed to I just you from my

shop mostly for this nail gun once in a while and of course you’re there you

have to clean that stuff out so hopefully this will do and I think I

want to make sure that it does which I haven’t tried out yet is how loud it is

how long in the air it takes for hair together sure where this goes yet so

having around the instructions but here oh that’s right that’s supposed to be

cutter for the chicken hand put the gun here I’m not sure how it goes we’ll find

out later so now I’m get to sell the the noise level on it so turning it off put

power on okay ready that’s why. So tell us about minutes so it says we

have 60 psi on it so halfway into the book takes two minutes to fill up their

compressor noise wise it’s not loud I wish it was a little quieter especially

the motor is pretty small and of course the tank is pretty small it’s not bad

I’m just going to see later on I’m going to cover more of how well performs when

you use it and how often it turns are so for now this is it and I stay tuned

don’t go away I’m going to test it out more and actually use it all right so we

use this for the compressor a little bit on our you know of course I’m not too

happy how about this but it’s not bad it’s not bad for price especially we’re

getting accessories I did find out that you will need to buy additional

accessories actually use it if you can be actually using the staple gun then

you all set the coop release is here and of course all you do is plug it plugs in

right there so you can spin it that quick release in the kiln egg on the

hose and you’re all set to use a staple gun but accessories of course you know it

only has one release adapter so it’s all you really need however all other

accessories you need to buy addition next you use it so what you will

need is actually just like this table you will need at least one doctor with a

with an end and of course this is for end of the hose so you need a adapter

that actually will fit into the let’s let’s say the air adapt air

Spray so right over the back you know expected that you’re going to be buying

additional accessories for is they’re not expensive but first thing you use

actually you know you will probably use it clear adapters so besides the gun

which we will assume that you know has all accessories to use the staple gun

for everything else you’ll probably need to buy additional because you know one

thing is you don’t want to screw it every time and tape it to the sonic air

you want to be to work in the first time so I don’t think I’m going to test now

is how fast it drains they are air how long the air shoes I did times the

compressor it takes about two minutes to fully charge it from zero to 120 psi so

for now we’re going to set it to push out 30 psi put it put that air and right

now we only have about 70 psi in our tanks so let’s see how long we’re going

to take to drain the air completely from tank pretty much

so it takes about 25 seconds to deplete the tank from a 70 psi to zero which is

not very long however it all depends on what you use it for for light use really

light use and patiently field I use something for you know cleaning

something out or in a staple gun that’s pretty much you will do it for you if

anything bigger job you know I would suggest to get at least freak out maybe

but I mean for basic stuff you know like state programs small other guns props

that are you know doesn’t require a lot of psi on uh here push pin on psi you

probably going to be okay so overall for the price wise you know

it’s probably worth buying since some 80 box if you’re gonna spin over 120 bucks

then you know you may want to go without perhaps bigger motor because it’s not as

quiet as I was hoping but it’s not bad and for so the reason you would buy it

because it’s really mobile the hope that capable of course foot power isn’t long

so you will have to get them adapter if you do now in your work outside the hole

of course not that long but Allah pants you know either you’re going to get long

hose or long a power adapter and of course you will need a extra adapter for

the connectors which you know you can get on any hardware store or tool store.

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