Blackridge BRC180 LPM Air Compressor Direct Long Term Review

Air Compressor Direct

All right YouTube another compress a comparison explanation the blackridge range

into the BRC 180 high-flow as you can see direct drive design bit more compact

bit lighter all of that now this one use three three and a half four years old

it’s manufactured 2014 rated at nineteen hundred watts pros straight off the bat

twin air outlets just like the Big Brother over here painter paints games changed in the last

year or so I tied him up made him look neater look cool I don’t know how much

different the actual workings of it but yeah let’s just say half inch air line

out of the head good high flow a lot of them are quite small and checked up tons

of air it sucked through the front of the motor here motor will be a 2800 rpm

single filter good pressure switch all works pretty sweet now which one should

you choose for yourself if you’re doing more light duty tasks where the

compressor is going to kick in kick out and not run for any sustained amount of

time while you’re doing what you’re doing you should probably go something

smaller and compact like this one technically this produces more letters

per minute and what this one does 155 versus 180 it’s smaller physically

the lighter physically no belts but it does all at higher rpm if you’re going

to use it more often that higher rpm translates to more air temperature the

air temperature will cause your issues we’re trying to get the moisture out of the air

when the air is a lot hotter coming out of a compressor there’s a lot more

moisture caught in it because of the condensation factor once it goes into a

little tank like this you’ll have dramas separating it out of the air because it

doesn’t have time to cool it’s got a cool – turn back into condensation for a

moisture trap to get it out this is where you’d use the moisture trap like

the little black rich one back further in the explanations I reviewed the ghost ride

on say a spray gun you’d use one of those now this little units done nowhere

near as much work as my Stanley down the back here all the four year old brother

to it we bought these at the same time I bought this at the same time as I bought

my original bail drive this is my mates and we did a job together but we bought

this from him right out of the job money and bought the belt drive one for me we

love both of them this lives in my might shed normally I

give it a bit of a cleanup and brought it out just to make a comparison explanation

between this the black Ridge 50 litre belt drive so what we’ll do is we’ll air

it up I need to check on the actual spec size of the tank I can’t remember if

that’s a 40 litre tank or a 50 liter tank I got a feeling it could be a 50

but I may be incorrect so what we’ll do is we’ll time the air up time we’ve got

a plug dinner already yes it’s plugging into a lead don’t

normally do that that’s bad I’m not sure which order these three explanations will come

out between long-term review of old Stanley comparison between those two and

comparison between these two but this one charged up from empty in one minute

42 seconds that one one minute 53 seconds let’s see what this one does

so the world of YouTube can’t be upset with me, there you go

I’m in 38 I’m gonna say DS if you later I’ve been trying to remember I’m in a 38

50 litre tank when you look at that tank understand the vs. this tank they look

very very similar size was anyway minute 38 what’s the first thing you notice the

noise difference it is so much louder like ridiculously louder that’s all the

pumps being at crazy speed 2800 rpm to be exact the aside from the inherent air

temperature issues if you’re using this to use an air drill or use a sander for

really short bursts or some kicks in kicks out keeps up keeps the tank full

my favorite thing to use things like these ones director of star ones for is

framing nailers because I always keep good air pressure up to a framing now no

issues at all which if you get like 10 shots done this one’s a little bit

slower air pressure can drop off and you start getting inconsistencies

this one’s yeah 25 liters a minute faster so price point is another factor

these ones also come on special with a bunch of cool accessories which makes

them a ton cheaper than Stanley and a little bit cheaper than the blackridge

1:55 budgets your thing sort that at yourself that’s not up to me like I say

four years old done a lot of work but not crazy amounts being serviced twice

blow the air filter out same thing I always like to blow through here blow

beaded dust and debris yep but if you want one for a workshop I’d probably go the belt drive

the last longer it’s quieter generates less heat therefore less moisture for

your ear tools beautiful have to filter out tanks and receivers and all that kind of stuff

that’ll save you some effort there noise is a big thing especially in residential

setting I guess not so much out here in an industrial estate but this one is

definitely quieter than both the Stanley and the black Ridge 180 so hopefully

this information is useful for somebody I’ll put links to all three of these

compressors in the explanation description so you can see them for yourself and get an

accurate price point for where you are in Australia this one will go back into

match shed after it’s had rest of it’s a bit of a cleanup a monument service and

this one’s due for a service it’s about 30 hours down maybe 35 something like

that but we’ll give it a service get the factory oil it put some fresh stuff in

it and that one’s been sitting for about 12 months we might even do that one as well

so make a explanation service in these three on this side there’ll be some more explanations.

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