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Senco Air Compressor

When you think of fastening systems you may only think about the fasteners and

tools at Senco we think about fasteners tools and senco air compressors is proud to

introduce five brand new compressors to our offering Senco has always had a lineup of

professional quality reliable go-to compressors and these five are no

exception from finishing trim to roofing and framing

Senco has the right compressor for your job before we get into each of the new

compressors let’s review some of the key specifications associated with air

compressors and what they mean relative to performance and function first is the

pump type compressor pumps are either oil lube or oil-free oil lube pumps

require proper levels of oil and routine maintenance in order to perform properly

oil-free pumps do not require any oil or regular maintenance and can be

transported in various orientations without worry of oil spills a key

specification is s CFM standard cubic feet per minute or SCFM is the measure

of air flow a compressor is capable of producing a good rule of thumb is to get

a compressor with SCFM at least one and a half times the amount the pneumatic

tool being used requires to operate another important specification is the

tank size the tank is where the compressed air is stored so the larger

the tank size the more compressed air is in storage to be used to operate the

pneumatic tool in conjunction with the tank size is the maximum pressure

specification measured in pounds per square inch or psi this is the pressure

the air compressor generates inside the tank higher maximum psi also allows for

longer operating time without the motor and pump kicking on to refill the tank

lastly is horsepower horsepower refers to the power of the motor higher

horsepower motors can fill the tank efficiently helping to reduce tanker

couple recon the bottom line is that you want to make sure the compressor meets

or exceeds the requirement of the tool and application first up is the PC 1010

n this is an upgrade to sin COEs iconic and proven PC 1010 one-gallon finishing

trim compressor we maintain the same great features the PC 1010 offers

relative to its ultra quiet performance and lightweight compact configuration in

addition to the roll cage we added an integrated control panel and increase

the maximum psi to 135 the roll cage and integrated control panel help protect

the critical components the control panel also provides an improved

orientation of the coupler gauges and pressure control knob making this unit

very easy to operate the PC 1010 ends ultra quiet and lightweight

characteristics make it the perfect unit for any woodworking and finishing trim

application so let’s run down some of the key specs on the PC 1010 n first its

electric powered compressor it has an oil-free pump which eliminates the need

for oil and regular maintenance it produces 0.7 SCFM at 90 psi for the max

pressure of 135 psi as a point five running horsepower motor one gallon tank

size and it weighs only twenty-one pounds next is the PC 1280 this six

gallon pancake compressor is designed with the power and speed to handle any

finish and trim application the compact lightweight and well balanced design

allows for easy portability the entire pump and motor are completely shrouded

for protection of critical components as well as providing some storage areas for

fasteners or safety glasses and even a hose the control panel has highly

visible gauges and is equipped with dual couplers allowing you to run two hoses

at once so let’s run down the key specs on the PC 1280 it’s electric powered compressor

the oil free pump which eliminates the need for oil and regular maintenance it

produces 2.8 SCFM at 90 psi as a max pressure of 150 psi a 1.5 running

horsepower motor with a six gallon tank and it weighs only 38 pounds the next

three compressors all offer exceptional performance specifications with

intuitive functional design features the PCO 9:6 a10 the PCO 969 and the PCO 970

are all 200 maximum psi units with 4.9 SCFM at 90 psi giving you plenty of

airflow and tank storage for applications from finish and trim to

framing and roofing these units are designed specifically for the

professional user with rugged roll cages and multiple grip points for easy

transportation and storage they are also equipped with a low bolt

jobsite start at only 95 volts now this is a critical performance specification

that will allow these compressors to start on a jobsite that may only have a

temporary electric pull or off of a generator the long life induction motor

and oil-free pump design provide excellent airflow and performance

without the need for oil and regular maintenance the PCO 9 6 8 N is a four

and a half gallon twin stack unit it has the integrated control panel up front

with easy to read gauges dual couplers for running two hoses at once

multiple grip points for easy transporting and a rugged roll cage to

help protect critical components next up is the PCO 969 this unit is also a four

and a half gallon but it’s a rollaway unit this incorporates the same

performance specifications as the twin stack with a 200 psi asme certified tank

and 4.9 SCFM at 90 psi air flow oriented in a slightly different manner

the PC 969 includes a telescoping handle that can be extended when transporting

and returned down for storage it also has integrated wheels in the

back that do not actually engage the ground until the unit is tipped back

this helps prevent the unit from walking when the unity running now let’s run

down the key specs on the PCO 968N and PCO 969 they’re both electric powered air

compressors they have oil free pumps that produce 4.9 SCFM at 90 psi the

maximum tank pressure is 200 psi they have a 1.75 running horsepower motor and

a four and a half gallon tank size rounding out the line is the PCO 970

Senco 15 gallon vertical air compressor is an extremely versatile unit the

multiple grip points and rugged construction allow this unit to be used

at both the jobsite and in garage or shop environments it’s compact design

and wheels allow for easy portability and storage this unit incorporates the

same performance specifications as the others with a 200 psi ASME certified

tank and 4.9 SCFM at 90 psi air flow the 15 gallon tank provides plenty of air

storage for just about any application in the shop or on the job site the specs

on the PC 970 are it is an electric-powered air compressor it has

an oil-free pump that produces 4.9 SCFM at 90 psi the max pressure on this unit

is 200 psi it has a 1.75 running horsepower motor and a 15 gallon tank

size so that’s a look at SenCOE new additions to the air compressor product.

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