Best Kobalt 30 Gallon Air Compressor Review

30 Gallon Air Compressor

Today I got into a compressor while I didn’t get it today

but I got it like a couple of weeks ago but anyway I got a new compressor and I

wanted to take a look at it because so far I think this thing is absolutely

amazing for a lot of reasons and in this explanation I hope you share with you as much

about it and as little time as I possibly can hopefully give you some

good insights on whether you should actually buy this or not I’m not gonna

tell you you shouldn’t or you should but I’m gonna give you an idea hopefully of

what kind of tools you can be you can expect to run off it what kind of

maintenance you can expect and generally overall what I think of it so to start

off I will start with what kind of tools you can run off of it because chances

are if you’re buying a compressor you’re not like or like this you’re not using

it to put air in your car tires obviously you can do that with something

like this but well for about $450 u.s. at least where I live in Virginia that’s

kind of expensive to put air in your tires and it’s definitely way overkill

so you’re likely going to be buying it to run something like this this is a

pneumatic impact gun it also happens to be cobalt and I really really like this

this is a half-inch impact gun 375 foot-pounds in Reverse and I really like this however the

compressor I was using was the cobalt 8 gallon oil-free compressor and it’s um

well anyway the thing had a lot of overheating issues and I just it you

could tell that it was built to a price but for what it was it was good for

filling up car tires and stuff but not so much for impact guns and stuff so

this on the other hand is much much better, you can basically run the impact guns on

it continuously if it’s you know one gun like this probably up to this size and

because this draws probably about 7 cubic feet per minute something like

that and you’ll definitely be able to get off probably all 4 wheels before you

actually have to let the compressor kick catch up it does you are gonna have to

worry about the pump running a lot if you want to run drills or say one thing

that I wrote one of the air tools I really like a cinematic angle grinder I

think these things are absolutely great if you can get one get it because I

these are much better than regular electric angle grinders but the problem

is like the impact gun they take like seven cubic feet of air per minute and

this is only rated for 5.5 at 90 psi which is definitely a little bit

underrated however that is underrated mostly due to the motor that’s on it’s

only two horsepower motor and the pump if you you’ve been shopping well you’ll

notice that the pump on this is actually the same pump that’s on its bigger

brother which is actually $50 more so if you can get its bigger brother in your

garage it’s one it’s not doesn’t have wheels on it it’s directly bolted to the

floor it’s 60 gallons and it’s got the same pump with a bigger motor on it but

the problem is it’s only 240 volt I don’t have 240 in my garage and getting

it wired in would have been an absolute pain plus this thing weighs like 200

pounds and it’s on wheels the other one bolts directly to the floor so I would

have had to have a forklift to get it in here and well when I move out I probably

I don’t know how I would deal with that this is hard enough to get out of a

truck on Sun in fact I’ll show you later on we actually broke it but no worries

it still works so go ahead and take it off the tripod and move you in a little

bit closer and we’ll start talking about some more of the features I already

mentioned it’s a 2 horsepower motor and the pump is actually one of these big 10

cubic feet per minute pumps however the issue is is that the motor is not

actually powerful to give it the full 5 horsepower so you won’t be able to

actually get that if you like it’s rated for 5.5 at 90 psi so you’re you’re gonna

be looking at that that’s a pretty realistic estimate however this is dual

voltage so if you get to 40 then you can rewire it for 240 you’re still only

gonna get 2 horsepower so I would recommend putting a bigger motor on it

because it is standard motor mounts and you just need a slightly bigger pulley

that being said I think that this that’s probably something I’m going to do with

this I’m sure that that would void the warranty but by the time I move out and have to a place

I actually have to 40 then the warranty, I’d be long gone anyway because I do

expect this to last that long so I want to talk more about the pump because the

pump is basically the heart of the compressor and it is for all intents and

purposes the most important part other than the tank so the pump is completely

cast-iron it is oiled which is a huge plus let me tell you something real

quickly don’t buy an oilless compressor especially if you’re in a shop setting

it will not last it will maybe last you year you’ll have to replace it oil pumps

are the way to go they’re far far superior than oilless pumps just stay

away from wireless pumps besides I mean it’s an it’s it really is an investment

and if you’re gonna be running air tools off of it especially if you’re making a

living off of it then it’s a really important to have a nice compressor with

a pump that’s gonna last there’s a reason why industrial compressors you

never see oil list pumps on 80 gallon tanks there’s a pretty good reason for that

so moving on at the pump it does come with a filter however I’m probably going

to replace this with something actually dry the air as well and also as far as

changing the oil doesn’t a lot of people are afraid of that when it comes to

oiled compressors but you do get a sight glass here tells you if it’s full empty

it tells you how much oil this that and the other and it’s a regular cobol oil I

picked them up for my first oil change here they sell this at Lowe’s so don’t

be worried this is 16-ounce bottle it takes eight and a half ounces so yeah

should be able to get almost two oil changes with this and this was like four

bucks so not expensive it says to change the oil every two hundred hours or three

months and for the first oil change it should be done after the first 50 hours

of operation I haven’t actually operated this for 50 hours but once I do I will

change the oil and it also does have an oil check area go ahead and unscrew this

you’re not going to be able to see the oil down there but this is where you’d

also put the oil in so it’s nice threaded metal and you get a nice

breather cap so after I drop it on the floor and then we’ll move on to the tank

and the regular so the tank is 30 gallons, you probably already knew that 30

gallons at 155 psi isn’t bad for a small home shop area given that this is

basically the biggest that you can get on 120 volt which is kind of sad but

that’s kind of what you got to deal with so you know live and learn so it’s 30

gallon tank the drain valve is directly on the bottom so you will get basically

all the water out of it it’s great I’m probably going to extend that out to the

front I’ve seen other people doing that and then you just have the valve it’s a

little easier to drain it but one thing I do really want to mention and it’s

kind of important is the regulator assembly now this is basically coming

off of this one nipple right here and in fact when we were unloading this from

the truck like I mentioned earlier we broke it in fact we actually dropped

this and it bent this whole thing back it bent the regulator and we dodged a

bullet because I actually happen to have another one of these nipples luckily we

didn’t break it all the way off it just split so I was able to take it out and

replace it but you know still that was a lot of extra work plus we I almost

destroyed the regulator I got very very lucky I just put this on the vise and

bent it back and somehow I think we didn’t actually bend the stem of the

regulator which is great even though I’ll probably replace the regular anyway

also this is not the air fitting that you get with it you just get a standard

one of the small quarter-inch ones this is one of the bigger automotive type

ones and I do highly recommend using these they really do increase your flow

and you know it makes a lot of difference as far as I’m concerned

especially we’re gonna be running impact guns if you’re just gonna be you know

using this for like blowing dust off of stuff then doesn’t really matter but

yeah it’s nice to have anyway plus I got these on clearance from tractor supply

for like two bucks for a pack so pretty good deal stars the on switch and the

cut off I believe that this is actually a standard part and you just flip it to

auto essentially just leave it there it’ll automatically fill itself you have

your pressure relief and then you also have the line coming from the tank to tell it when to cut off

and I pretty pretty sure that we probably damage this because it doesn’t

always cut off at 155 it usually cuts off around 140 sometimes 150 sometimes

anywhere in there so I’m pretty sure we damage this because I had them you know

I I was very meticulous with this because when I was getting this I

actually went to three different stores to buy this and out of the six that I

looked at this was the only one that was in perfect shape so I’ll tell you some

of the problems that you should definitely look for before you buy these

one thing that I did notice is on a lot of them the front valve assembly like I

was talking about was pushed back and it was broken and one of them it was

completely broken off that’s kind of a big issue when you know you have a 5

almost $500 you know piece of equipment with tax you know I don’t know about you

but I don’t have $500 to spend on a new one of these you know every time you

know something breaks or or whatever you shouldn’t have to deal with that so

definitely look for that another thing is the oil plug on the top I looked at

several of them they didn’t even have it so definitely get that because these if

these are sudden in the store or at a box the chances of dust getting into this

and dirt and debris and no telling what else is pretty good once that gets into

the oil gets pulled up into the cylinders well you’re asking for trouble

it’s like you want to keep the one your car clean you want to keep the oil and

this clean one more note about the oil don’t use regular motor oil it is

different and you will most likely end up destroying the pump so I think that’s

probably about it I don’t know if I mentioned it weighs almost 200 pounds

it’s made in America which is great and you get a nice big tag I always love

having nice big made-in-the-usa tags on my tools especially since you get so

much crap that’s just made in China it’s absolute crap and I believe horrible Freight actually

has a very similar compressor to this and it’s of course I’m sure it’s Chinese

made it’s not nearly as good of quality I was considering buying it it’s like

he’s like 260 300 bucks something like that it’s it’s much cheaper but it’s

nowhere near the quality of this so if you’re debating between this one the

tractor supply offering and the horrible Freight offering I would highly

recommend sending up for this one it is the most expensive by quite a bit out of

all of them but you know you get a standard pumped standard motor you know

if you know 10 years down the road you have to replace the pump well this is a

standard sized pump same thing with the motor standard size motor and in theory

Porter Cable 30 Gallon Air Compressor

you could take this up put a bigger motor on it and most likely get more

more volume of air per minute out of it which is you know it’s kind of a good

thing to have upgrade ability with the oilless compressors like the 8 gallon

cable 8 gallon oil is compressed so that I had it’s just you can’t change it once

it’s broken its broken and there’s there’s no fixing it something like this

very repairable it comes with a three year warranty but it’s a limited

warranty and it’s by far the best warranty out of the three but I kind of

doubt you’re gonna get them to offer that or I’m sorry not offered but onto

that because you know how warranties are these days and if you’re buying

something like this you know yeah and as anything you know safety is a big deal

because these are holding 155 pounds per square inch right and this is 30 gallons

that this tank explodes anybody near it is going to most likely be dead so you

definitely don’t want to cheap out on a big air compressor because they’re gonna

be made out of lower quality steel and probably also thinner steel so when this

starts to rust it’s gonna become a hazard you know a lot quicker you know I

mean all these tanks are gonna rust from the inside out at some point but you

might as well buy something that’s a nice thick tank to begin with and then

hopefully you won’t have to worry about that also I know this isn’t a big deal

and I’ve rambled on for you know far longer than I wanted to but these

handles are great unlike the horrible Freight one and the tractor supply offering you see

these hoses I don’t know about you but I have a couple of these and it’s

irritating to have them all over the ground my family complains upon tripping

on them when they come out to the garage so hang them right on the handles I can

put both my hoses to see there’s another one over there I can hang all my hoses

on this and it’s just great I back it up into that corner there plug it in the

wall and I’m set to go one more thing real quickly speaking of plugging into the wall this

this cable is a very nice thick cable it is not like those you know crappy

Chinese cables I’m sure it probably was made in China but it’s very very beefy

and I don’t I don’t see this being a fire hazard I mean when you’re drawing

potentially 15 amps through this you know you probably you don’t want it you

don’t want a thin cable and by the way I am running this on a 15 amp breaker you

probably I’m sure it would pop the breaker on a 10 amp circuit so just be

known you want a 15 preferably 20 amp breaker and you don’t want to plug a

whole bunch of other things into the outlet as well also it does specifically

say in the instruction manual not to use an extension cord with this which is

kind of a big deal because like I said this thing to draw 15 amps and you don’t

want to melt an extension cord or catch a house on fire plus it actually

specifically says that the circuit being no longer than 40 feet from the breaker

so that’s another thing the way my garage is set up I got my breaker box

there so in theory I could wire q40 but I’m plugging into that outlet there

however if I turn around I’ve got another outlet over there and I bet that

if we did and we looked this would probably be more than 40 feet of wire

from the breaker to that outlet so that’s kind of something to be careful

of if you’re in your garage a lot of people have that breaker in the garage

so not that big of a deal but I think that’s probably about it if

I didn’t cover anything got questions comments I messed up on something I said

something wrong or any way I could improve the explanations please do leave a

comment below love reading them I love replying to them and I try to reply to as many of

them as possible I hope this is much better review than the review of my last

air compressor but this is a much better product in my opinion I would say if

you’re debating on another 30 gallon air compressor this is probably the one you

should get if you can afford it I mean 500 bucks is kind of a lot of money but

it’s a tool that’s gonna last and it’s american-made so you’re really paying

for that is what it comes down to and you don’t get as much of that Chinese

you know we’re gonna cut every corner possibly you can tell they could have

cut corners on the cables they could have cut corners on the motor that I

mean this is probably an off-the-shelf motor this is probably a $200 motor when

it comes down to it so you know after you price something like this out it’s

very expensive to try to build something like this that’s what I was going to

originally do and overall I would definitely recommend this.

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