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Air Compressor Pump

I wanted to talk a little bit about my air compressor it has an 11 horsepower engine on it

it’s a Harbor Freight engine the pump is also a Harbor Freight item it’s 3

horsepower models the previous older models it only makes about 10 CFM

alright and I might not even be that might be like 8.8 CFM I forgot the

ratings but anyways this thing has been running for the wall the pumps been

running for 3 years now you can see that it’s really dirty and lately I hasn’t

been pumping up past like 120 psi I took it apart and I cleaned it I’ve done it

already about four or five times past three years that I’ve had the pump now

that pumps I’ve been using it on different compressors that pump has been

reliable for three years and lately I cleaned it one more time

clean the filter and the gasket was already gone on it can’t find the gasket

anywhere I’m not even gonna bother to look I looked a little bit but I

couldn’t find it the pump is actually still made but it’s not carried through

Harbor Freight anymore it’s an old old pump now they replaced it with the with

a pump that’s actually pretty much all cast-iron so I’ll get it closed up here

as you can see I have extra slots there that I meld into the base plate now the

reason why I did that was to put the twin pump or the twin or the v-twin

cast-iron pump I’ve always wanted one of those and I figured when this pump is

out I’ll end up getting one so I’ve decided to buy a new pump and I actually

went to pick them up today so I got to do some more sanding on my ZX 14

and see what else I can do before I really burn that pump out because I’m

going to have like a couple days of actual downtime actually installing the

pump I might be able to do it in one day but I actually have to order a v-groove

pulling double V group only for my new compressor pump so I’m going to show that real quick

so here it is here’s a v-twin compressor pump still in the box here are the

rating ratings for it so I can hold that strap out of the way

so I can’t wait to put this pump on to my compressor s I’ll do a little

unboxing just got back home there’s a pump itself the air filters so you’re

going to get one of these anybody’s planning to get one of these make sure

that when you open up the box or at least pick up the box don’t throw it all

around because these filters are hitting on the side of the pump and on the side

of the pump they’re just they’re installed with a piece of foam that

actually hold up the pump so if you throw this box around so I’m sure you’re

going to end up getting some damage on the filters so anybody out there gets

one of these just make sure you’re careful the Box you just turn it to open

it and close it there’s a filter in there there’s a round filter there’s

another one on this end here and then that other one that I just showed you

guys is the one or that side the flywheel here is separate it’s not

actually installed it that it was it off Wow it’s pretty heavy really heavy duty

so that’s the flywheel take out the other filter there’s the

other filter and these filters they just go pretty much screwed on

if anybody’s planning get one of these make sure that you put teflon tape on

this because you might get some dust and you get a damage of the pump in the

short amount of time good idea to put some teflon on those on those threads

they’re pretty much on anything else ready and now it’s pretty much just the

pump here but there she is straight out of the box

kind of doing this on my ATV here because all my tables are too flimsy

tearing apart so you get your off your coupler here and what’s good about this

is you get a self crushing there’s a proper name for this I can’t think of it

off the right off the bat but anyways you put your copper tubing through there

and as they actually tighten it that will actually squeeze around the tubing

and seal itself or it will actually tie into to the tubing and it should hold

the tubing in place once it’s crushed and tightened up once it’s crushed and

pretty much tighten itself around the tubing and going anywhere so you’re

supposed to get pretty much like a good strong seal get your a little um we’ll

notice here say some fill up with oil and it they ship without oil they do

have a little bit of oil but it’s just for shipment and just to keep them from

rusting the crankshaft or the flywheel is actually held by a Woodrow

would drove key there I thought it would be a standard up I guess that works out

Woodrow key so I’ve already made the mounting holes they should line up on my

compressor but uh I’ve already ordered a check valve I already got it I’m going

to be installing the check valve and the only thing I got a order now is the bull

whip when I’m going to install this I’ll make a video show you guys how this works out

but this pump is going to be pretty sweet it’s gonna be badass it’s all cash

tire and that’s what I love about it it’s not like my old one arts like the

only the jug is cast iron and the rest is like aluminum these heads might be

aluminum or aluminium whatever you want I rare people want to call it but I

didn’t get the warranty on my old one bow to got it I would have actually been

upgraded to a newer model but you know when I that’s I mean four years ago was

probably when I started or five years ago and I started shopping for with

Harbor Freight and I didn’t want I was always a person when I never get

warranty no I do because warranty is good especially

youngsters out there might not what they might want to save a couple of bucks but

actually you will save a couple bucks by getting that warranty you might have to

pay a little bit but you’ll actually make up for it when it comes to

replacing it I’m going to replace this every year because I use my compressor a

lot and I’m going to use it with a plasma cutter a lot and which I already

do and that’s why I burnt that will pump out but this should keep up with

everything for my needs seventeen and a half o CFM’s that’s.

Harbor Freight Air Compressor Pump Part 2

Harbor Freight Air Compressor Pump

I think it’s been about five days to actually mount this pump up to my air compressor now the

reason why I had so much trouble was rallying everything I actually got my

bull whip in I’ve installed my check valve the only thing I have now is just

to adjust everything after actually the bull whip is actually adjusted and find

ways to clamp it down but here’s the pumps the way the parts in here anyways

we firing it up see how I know she starts up

so just caught that on video guys so you can make sure you see she is actually

filled at ah she is filled at normal levels and the thing is smoking unless

you could see that it’s actually smoking from the from the crankshaft or the

crankcase vent and it actually just it seized it’s gone it’s filled it’s

filled with oil is still seized that’s not good as you guys could actually see

the crankshaft was actually was the I mean the flywheel was not balanced so

yeah I think I’m gonna take this back and I’m gonna have to have them refund my money

well not refund but I’m gonna have to exchange it because I need an air

compressor so that just puts me in a bind there that just screwed me up for a

while maybe for another day because I’m gonna have to go take this back this

piece of crap come back but put back another one I don’t think I’ll be using

this same design I think I’m gonna try out the other pump because I cannot

believe this seeds seized just like that I actually had like a little whistle I

don’t know if you guys could hear it on the video but it’s actually still

smoking it’s it’s seized though it won’t move anymore

I do not recommend this I’ll tell you that much right now and I recommend that

it didn’t even last well it’s filled with oil

I guess I’m glad I got that warranty I think I’m gonna vote for the one hundred

and fifty dollar pump I actually had much luck better luck with one of those

for many years this going to give me problems just like that and plus not

only that I didn’t pump out as much as I thought it would this pump is junk is

what it is and I should have believed the reviews that were on there but since

I do my own reviews I guess I had to see it for myself

but really this wow this puts me in a freaking bind because I had to do some

plasma cutting and damn I actually have to finish my motorcycle gas is going up

I need to get that thing going this does not help at all it’s filled with filter

there went up to 80 psi it took its sweet time though but yeah this pump

isn’t it not pump the seven there’s no way that it was pumping 17.5 CFM’s

there’s just no way I caught a little cool buddy check this out

check out my friend there little lizard as a New Mexico lizard

he’s bragging going to my shop here there he is yeah he’s pissed too he’s

pretty pissed off he’s pissed off at Harbor Freight hot guy there is

he went to go check out the air compressor there he is I never seen one

come up that close damn after I put so much money into this

the pooling I bought the bully the oil I hope they refund me for the oil I will

make them refund before the oil that’s why I bought the bullwhip and all that

so altogether I spent like three hundred and fifty dollars just to convert it to

that v-twin pump and design and I put 350 bucks I could’ve bought one used on

wow really I’m just baffled pissed and I don’t know wish I could

just take an axe to this damn thing yeah that’s it I’m screwed for a couple days.

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