Best Gas Powered Puma Air Compressor Review

Puma Air Compressor

I want to show you guys my latest acquisition this is a non running gas

powered air compressor and it’s had some modification that needs to be addressed

right there this needs to be connected to that the first thing I always do when

I run across something like this is there was no gas in it but I put fresh

gas in it and it still didn’t want to start this this bowl right here is

leaking I always take some of this and you spray that in there and it started

to run until the starting fluid ran out so that tells me that it’s got good

ignition good fire is probably just a carburetor issue so we’re going to take

that carb off right there and clean it and we’re going to get this thing going

okay I’m gonna pull this bolt off right here and you can see how nasty that is I

suspect some gas stayed in here for a long time let’s pull this off see the

the crud in there see that so let’s take this apart and see if we can clean it up

unless I said a long time okay typically what I do is just kind of put

a little this on here and I’ve got a stainless steel brush just try and clean

that up the best I can hit the high spots Rudge it gets all up in there this this

doesn’t make it run or not but it looks nasty so we’re gonna clean it up just

kind of like get up in there this we’re not gonna do a professional job like on NASCAR but

some of it won’t come off you’ll have to you know blast it off with like soda or

something like that but we’re like I said we’re not going that extreme this

is just to get it running and it’s not a show compressor, so okay now comes the

part I need some specialized tools to clean that carburetor out I know uh

probably a professional would soak the thing overnight and so with that carb

clean I’ve tried that and didn’t get my carburetor clean you know blew it out

with the air compressor the specialized tool that I’m going to use are these yes

those are red ties and I bet you didn’t know that they’re color-coded and the

white one here is says it was the bread was made on Friday and the blue one was

made on Monday so I’m just going to use one strip it out I’m gonna use that wire

and because it’s a steel wire and it’s pretty stiff I’m gonna poking in those

offices and get them cleaned out okay what I usually do is just take some

fires and you just kind of gently just pull that off right there

you don’t need to strip the whole thing it ought to be enough right there and

then what I do are these little holes like especially right there you can soak

those and car wanted you to blow them out with the air compressor and they

won’t get clean so the way I’ve had luck is to manually put something in there

loosen it up put it with carburetor cleaner and then blow it out with the

air compressor and it seems to work pretty good so right here that’s pretty

nasty smaller the holes the more likely they are to get gummed up with that type

of stuff right there for sitting too long so we’ll continue to look at it

don’t need something a little stiffer to get that out right there and that’s just

nasty and that is definitely plugged up because it goes all the way through

I’m gonna go need to get some other wire too but anyway the twisty tie can work miracles

especially on these little carburetors, okay guys I had to think a little bit

outside of the box here the little twisty tie wasn’t strong enough I’ve

never seen one this gummed up before but that is completely plugged and so is

this little metering thing here it’s plugged up so what I did is this is

0.035 flux core wire so this was stiff enough and this was able to get down in

there and get that stuff out there so we get this thing working so thanks think

outside of the box okay we just put this little float there’s a little needle

valve that goes in there it’s very simple you just push this back through

here like this sticking out the other side that when it fills up with fuel it goes like that it

shuts it off when it gets low more more fuel goes in there so it doesn’t flood

it so it’s very simple which that’s the choke, you can put this back on

I still have some corrosion right there it’s just a piece of metal all right put

this back on here turn this so we can get to it tighten it

up I don’t know what a carburetor like this would cost but the last one I

bought before I learned the little trick there it was $125 so I don’t know if

this would cost that but okay all we need to do is put it back on and see if

she’ll run okay I really haven’t figured out what this is all about right here

but let’s let’s take this off and rehook it already partially taking it off and

then that I it’s capped off but there’s no way for air to get in there let’s

unspent this and I’m just gonna put that back on there see if it you think it’s a new Teflon tape all

right a little Teflon on here see if we can still screw on here or not

leave that a little bit out of the way it’s not gonna work does these have to

come off it’s always something go pretty easy put those back off all right now

I’ll bet you go on I still don’t have an explanation for you know what was going on with the I

don’t know all right we’ll see if we can go one more we’ve been this

try and get that attached back on there well I think we’re gonna get lucky that

a couple turns put these back on I need to put teflon tape on them

it doesn’t want to cooperate let’s see if you see if you crank trying

to choke on turn the gas on alright let’s give it a pull

oh I got leaking gas but we’re gonna see if it’ll start

all right well it’s working making it I just need to take care of that gas leak

okay well I guess we’re gonna have to do something else because that tank right

there is leaking so and I heard you’re not supposed to weld these things so I’m

gonna have to come up with something else. So all right guys well I got it running

a little gas leak I guess this is gonna be part one we’re gonna have to see

where part T takes us okay I stuck my knife in that and kind of made a much

larger hole than what was there and I suspect the whole thing is rusted out

you can see the rust really counting on using this thing right here for some

onboard air but I’m gonna have to do something else I don’t think those tanks are gonna make

a good barbecue grill.

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