Best Cordless 18V Ridgid Air compressor Review

Ridgid Air Compressor

It’s the ridgid portable 18 volt compressor but before we hit start we

would like to thank low-flow services and software for helping bring to you

this episode of tools in action you guys this is obviously been available at the

Home Depot from Ridgid it’s their portable air compressor yes now

everybody has portable air compressors I’ve just never seen one with a tank

that’s cordless yeah you know i mean can seriously think about it

you if this was just a inflator I mean without a tank it’s just an inflate

their course go now so basically with the tank you guys I think it’s a gallon

tank or doesn’t allow you to drive some finish nails we went with the extreme we

draw some well framing nails with it which you know it did like two or three

before I had to recover and it was really just a cover thing it’s one CFM at 90

yeah but what do you think of it oh cool I love not having a cord on it yes you

know I mean how nice is that just to be able to move around if you’re doing

smaller stuff whether it’s just leaning yeah well I don’t care if you home or

using the stuff all the time which I use in my house wet or like Dan would say

just a finish carpenter or something like that where you need air you can

move it around you’re not worrying about power source or anything like that we’ve

actually ran it a lot today just messing around while we’ve been doing explanations

today still got full battery charge down man I think they said it does 12 art

nails per on a finishing and finish nail or you know I don’t know what size nails

those are one cool thing is you can run it on either a single battery or two

batteries which i think is pretty cool, yes we’re different you hear a little different yeah you

guys 1.5 skip I’m at 40 is it okay yeah you know a couple cool things you it

right here you have the regulator now so what’s nice on it is you can adjust it

but then you can lock it into place you’re not going to have that change in

what’s the max psi forgot it 120 120 okay so yeah I mean it’s cool for you

guys to do finishing there’s still like trim nailer now I’m not knocking this or

anything but when it comes to trim nailer is I mean now battery technology

has gotten a lot better the wall has a nice finish nailer raw really has a nice

finish nailer really something like that in my kit then to jag around this but

there’s still a lot of things that need air especially I think the difference

being those I agree a hard percent with you though but I believe when you use a

pneumatic one like a finish nail as opposed to the battery one I believe

that are smaller so if you’re doing like maybe baseboards in the kitchen like

that you’re going to be able to get in those so I still think there’s a need

but did you pay for the happy guy too you know I mean personally I would like

to see that hybrid BOAC powered also for a situation like that oh that would cool

yeah now the guy has their own buy batteries you know why can’t they just

make something that just slides on here that plugs into a wall you know like

that one thing oh the one boy um yeah man Oh without those tools or

whatever and then you can just go on a power it maybe something with your mom

you know it’s a real niche is a legion product um you know but if it’s your

only compressor that you have on hand and you want the best this is what you

go with yeah I mean if you’re going to go out go buy an inflator 400 bucks

double double your budget and get this because you’re it’s going to allow you

to do a lot more I’m almost thinking airbrush guys too but I don’t don’t get

me wrong because I don’t know how much see if I’m airbrush guys need I want to

talk about your brush you’ll get little pens that put the things in the bottom

the air oh yeah yeah yeah we’re looking mouthing letter whatever or the pictures

when you’re going to Vegas and the side of the street when we’re doing that

stuff yeah are you speaking so yeah but here’s the weirdest thing this is only

going to last you 10 years go guaranteed 10 years right because on the back it

says removed take from service on 12-2027 which is hopefully a little less than 10 years

from today now the product will still last you could keep it but it’s probably

just a safety thing they have to put that on there Chris obviously it’s

welded there’s a lot of pressure in there I’ve never heard of one of these

exploding but the last thing you want is one of these to explode already with 120

psi I’m not so much worried but would that remember that Roy over you we did

it was a 220 those bigger one man I get kind of nervous around like wow is this

thing going to hold it or what for you guys you know I’m sure you watch right

now but it called me I can just get a tank and go to the job well sure you get

a tank and go to your tires and fill your tire other things you taking a tank

and your Shaw you guys will be played all right prep in the tank not higher

than the pressure you’re putting in the tires you’re not going to get the stuff

either so with this it’s like you could use what’s in the tank and then all of a

sudden no problem and it’s quiet you know afraid of compressor it’s not

that loud it says for Best Performance use 2 4 amp hour battery or higher they

do have 5 amp hour batteries also and that’s when you do runtime you were

talking about with the 1200 nails is the 5 amp hour has a brushless motor correct

Eric you know what I don’t know I believe it yes rush rush n 5x brushless

bring your warranty on it so go through your warranties remember how they come

for everybody with old brushes it’s like a big thing I think now it’s becoming

the norm right those companies aren’t really you know pushing it and you

really I mean a lot of people don’t know what the different thing brushless and

brushes are you know no I mean they’re really don’t I mean I think brushes

technology’s come a long way in terms of the price points come down with it a lot

so it’s more affordable mortgage in and it’s going to give you a longer runtime

yeah otherwise in there yeah but I think the only thing the brushes brush is

still good for I believe is low torque applications and I also obviously price

point too so yeah what’s is crazy I wonder why you don’t put the brushes in

it but you do when you used to buy tools remember guys you have to get the

brushes and they did a little screw on the side yeah I’ve never had to replace

brushes on anything I would just throw it out was the brushes one once you guys

have that much money we could just throw tools. I’d you is awesome hey Jeff why did my

my backyard you just I don’t want to twenty tree today I want a hundred

dollar tree mark a couple a dollar freely where this happens I’m going on

right now have yourself a backyard you guys rigid good stuff I don’t know the

warrant just our man three years okay three years ago I wants to see lifetime

but I don’t know definitely something cools our zero to thirty I need two officers just one of

those things that’s just it’s just a cool tool and I know it’s going to last

very good thinking outside the box I’m sure we’ll be seeing this for

Milwaukee soon enough make a lot of other people start to come over you know

yeah you know like a lot of people well because I don’t know if I’m a tomorrow

though I don’t it makes sense but I don’t know if a lot of people are that’s

the thing because a lot of companies companies think differently you guys all

these tool companies think differentl they see a market and they go for it

like you know company a might be like, we’re not going to invest into something

like that because why would you do that when I could just buy our nailer that’s

already corded you know what I’m saying or maybe they’ll come out with a

inflator that inflates you know four times as much so it’s good to have it’s

a cool tool I was cool it’s awesome Hetch Hetchy a crew you guys world chose

nation calm follow us on Instagram go talk to sell perform comment below what

do you guys think now I know a lot you guys the big go big or go home guys are going to be in there

bitching and pissing and moaning about it what I’ve got this place so you can

its lace you know what I mean yeah I can replace your bigger compressors I can

brew point a lot of your compressor yeah and I’m sure there is another cordless

one out in the market there’s gotta be I think I have seen one other surprises

like makitas got some summation live weather outside the box bedrock you know

I’m getting impressively sexy nuclear-powered one come on before

anybody we’re just talking about jillsy today why can’t they make nuclear power

jewels you buy the Jillian ever was a bad in its in the last way I think you

had a whole thing disposal all that or what that thing breaks open or you know

yeah a new kills a little dangerous I think for the they could be a common

person we can work around that we could write this work love yeah yeah

exactly to the classes to a glances till the nation guys check it out.

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