Best Air Hawk Air Compressor Review

Air Hawk Air Compressor

I try out the airhawk Pro this is a portable air compressor it has

a built in rechargeable battery it can also run off your car battery so you can

use it for tires when you get out to the campground it can inflate air mattresses

as well as inner tubes for swimming all sounds good in theory how’s it going to

work in practice and makes me this is an As Seen on TV product I ordered it

online from their website cost about $60, you can find it at a few other places

now we’ll put a link to it down below this expalanation it’s heavy

of course it should have a big lithium battery in it and it looks like a drill

this is the air Hawk Pro I didn’t know there was a regular air hawk I think

they’re all air Hawk pros the battery was yet more weight that goes on this

the battery clicks on here here’s the needle valve for inflating balls from

fellating larger objects and this will be for inflating the tires they all

attach here and on the back there’s an LED readout this will tell you they say

approximately you’re on tire pressure currently and you can set it for the

pressure you want to fill it up to so you don’t have to keep taking this off

and taking your tire gauge to check the pressure

this will automatically stop when it gets to the pressure you set here’s the

battery that hooks onto the bottom of this fix it make sure it’s turned off

first okay yeah like that okay no LED so that and then it comes with this which I

thought was a second battery which kind of surprised me but no it looks exactly

the same because it’s going to attach to the same spot it has a very long cord

with a cigarette lighter adapter so you can plug this into the cigarette lighter

of your car and the long cord so you can take it around to the tires and use it

as an air compressor running off your car battery this is the charger to

charge it up from the mains it takes about three hours to charge up the battery

that’s in this space and I’ll have to do that before I use it again so I don’t

like having all the separate pieces they do include a case to put them all in now

if it all fit in here easily and neatly I’ll actually use this otherwise I won’t

and then they’ll be inclined to lose one or more of these pieces just took a few

different rearrangements I finally found one that does work we found a couple of

interesting points here I thought I’d mention under safety one is never allow

anyone to pump air into eyes ears nose etc of people I hate having air pumped

into my etc the battery pack is supposed to hold a charge that will go for about

15 minutes of continuous use and they also say the most you can use it at once

doesn’t matter if your air raft is only half inflated 15 minutes of use and then

15 minutes of cool down then you can do another 15 minutes of use now here’s the

minivan let’s see what kind of tire pressures I am currently running on this

I’ve got my whole air Hawk kit here out of the case and also brought out my

plug-in compressor this pressure gauge is very accurate to within half a pound

so let’s see what it says and then we’ll see what the air Hawk says the current

pressure is thirty two point five and I press the power this song okay it’s um

psi it does have settings for metric as well see if I can just push it on

briefly to get that pressure of a note you have to screw this on in order for

it to both pump air in and tell you the current pressure see what it shows

it’s showing 31 whereas my accurate gauge showed 32 and a half it lost a

little it should be at 32 with the lowest so it’s within a pound of being

accurate I guess now this tire is supposed to be at 33 so I’m going to

hold no no no let’s go 33 that’s what I want it to go to so now I’m going to

squeeze the trigger to inflate at 33 for a while at MCC

okay now it’s decided it was at 33 okay I’ll take this off and measure it with

my other gauge well 34.5 that’s what I thought the air hawk pressure gauge runs

a little on the low side is actually now a little over inflated on to the back

tire which is currently at 32 and a half psi same as the front I’m now going to

try out the Goodyear 8,000 this is my plug-in air compressor pump see how long

it takes to fill it up and see how accurate this gauges this isn’t the

digital gauge so it’s a little harder to read but it looks to me like it’s right

at 32 so it is a little closer a little more accurate than the air hawk let me

turn this on and see how long it takes to pump it up to 33 there’s no preset on

this where you can set it pressure and it will automatically shut off you got to keep your eye on it

that puts it now at about 34 35 so it was pretty quick to fill it up let me

double check that with my pressure gauge well I got it up to 33 it shows that

this analog gauge really isn’t the most accurate I have the air Hawk plugged

into the cigarette lighter of the car I prefer not to use it this way I’ve heard

stories about air pumps that plug in your cigarette lighter doing unpleasant

things to your electrical system if they draw too much electricity so but I will

try it out here just to make sure that it does work there we go walking around

to other tires here thinking of keeping this and using it sort of as an

all-in-one tire gauge and air pump well it is quite a bit bigger for a pressure

gauge but it’s also not possible to just run this up to the valve and get a quick

pressure you have takes time to actually screw it all the way on and then check

it it’s not telling me the pressure I mean plug the battery and try again

well I’m not sure why it won’t give me a reading on this tire well the inaccurate

pressure gauge may no longer be an issue because all it ever shows now is zero

I’ve removed the attachment from the frontier and reattached it what happened

when it stopped working was this entie front hose piece that’s attached right

on to here actually flew off and that the other piece was attached to the

valve of the tire so basically the tire was quickly uninflated I had done screw

it quickly this was still running and then when I shut it off plug this back

in turn it back on now all I get is a reading of zero also filling up the rear

tire that I had worked on before to get it up to the level I wanted this shut

off after about a minute it showed a reading of zero I don’t know if when it

shows no back pressure that it only runs for about a minute but it ran for a

minute and then it just stopped so then I had to turn it back on and I was able

to put the air up to the pressure that I wanted yep it decided it had had enough just

like before and I don’t know if that’s because it’s showing just zero as the

pressure reading or it’s something else going on the pressure was at 32 after

that I don’t know was that about a minute that it ran now it’s at 33 so it

is still putting air in I just can’t use the gauge on the air hospital anymore to

try the air Hawk was something that requires more volume than pressure I

have a basketball normally we fill this with this $10 foot pump that has a

needle attached now they do include the ball needle here I like some of that but

I don’t know let’s see if it goes on the end of this will be okay if it has to

attach there you really have to get close to the object let’s see how it

seems to work here okay the pressure doesn’t matter you just go ahead the

ball feels it’s not completely flat but it certainly could use some air

I learned this I don’t know if it’s a wives tale or something but that you

should loosen the needle before inserting this is a little bit for a

little while okay here we go okay think that’s good does work for

that there’s one other attachment which is for really high-volume

items like a an air mattress or a raft something like that which I don’t have

handy not that far along the spring here yet but I’ll see how much air does come

out of this I just now noticed that it has a little light in the front as well that could be

handy when you’re inflating things in the dark well with the air hawk I’m

disappointed that maybe I broke but in any case the pressure gauge is broken

and that it only seems to go for about a minute continuously before shutting off

whether or not that’s related to the pressure gauge issue it’s a good idea

and I really want to have something portable that I can keep in the car it

would be nice to be able to use something like this to pop it off even

to fill up a fire without having to rely on the hook fix-a-flat this one is

actually from Mexico when we were dropped we used to drive there every

year it’s all in Spanish and then there’s the price for $60 I would expect

things wouldn’t break and act weird it should be a fairly sturdy reliable

device for that much money so for the time being for me it’s either keep this

in the car charged up because again I don’t like plugging it into the

cigarette lighter and running it for any length of time to pump up the tire just

in case something electrical what happens or keep my tannaz in fly young

puffs it’s in the car just in case the young cause I always thought this was

the young test but I may have to check my Spanish I certainly don’t want any.

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