Best Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor Review

Best Portable Air Compressor

Air tracking is a portable air compressor that supposes a fascinating way to apply

your tires but does it really work that’s what I’m going to find out this review of air dry

air dragon is a portable air compressor here’s how it’s set up

you have button right here safety latch there it kind of looks like a handheld

drill this is not a battery this is actually a storage compartment for the

attachment and the power cable it only plugs into a car with 12-volt

power to use it all you do is you attach this and then this can go right in your

tire there’s also Testaments for basketballs and other inflatables set

your your pressure here push the button and it’s supposed to run until it hits

the desired pressure and shut off doesn’t work like that

I’m still trying to figure that out for my first test I wanted to inflate a

basketball which only requires 8 pounds of pressure so you’re supposed to just

stick the air dragon into your inflatable set the PSI hit the button

and in a place to that amount and then shove off I didn’t find to work that way

with the basketball it just seemed like it kept running alright so I’m outside

with my air dragon and a displayed basketball I kind of wish the air dragon

had an adapter for indoor use because I have to go outside when I want to

inflate something like an air mattress or basketball but I may not be a problem

this basketball has been mostly deflated some I have to pump this up to about 8

psi which is standard for restful and then we’ll see how well the air dragon

does on this test which I think it’s kind of the entry level pass for the air dragon all right eight psi

maybe I better consult old instruction for game that kind of went awry keep trying

it keeps on not even psi isn’t even really set but means I’m doing

chaos came out here this will stop it buddy kid I just don’t know what to do

my face complete complete chaos so then I decided I would top off the tire of an

old car I only need a few extra pounds of pressure in there and I also found it kept running as well

why are you still going

I don’t know what’s going on it seems like as soon as I plug it in it turns on

and turns off almost at random pushing the TSI button seems to stop it

for a second it starts up again I might need to enlist the help of an expert for

this one and they’re just doing win a call all right so I’m a spindly

Chevrolet in Las Vegas I’ve got a friend here who’s the shop foreman and he is

going to take a look at the air dragon tell me what you think

so my expert is Bruce Mayer here he’s a shop foreman at Finley Chevrolet in Las

Vegas he’s going to help me check out the air drag and see if it works as

advertised or if it’s full of hot air check this thing out

so it’s been about seven minutes I think and started off at about 10 psi words at

19 right now so it’s like it’s going to be take a little bit to get it done but

it is working so far all right it says 32 and it just shut off by itself and I

see a little bit of smoke coming out of here but that’s that’s not a good thing

if you can see it or not there’s a little bit of smoke coming off of there

but a good shut up so now we’re going to test it and see it’s the PSI on the

readout in what it actually is the tire disconnect this a little warm and one yeah but when you

compress there it does get warmed yeah what’s been going for almost 15 minutes

because the limit it seemed that’s right yeah it went for about 15 minutes which

is the limit so that’s why it’s probably just about to overheat we’re going to

check it to see how it compares let’s reach 35 so a couple of three

pounds off 35 points so the readouts at 32 but it’s actually thirty five point

four you might want to have a better gauge with you if you’re going to use

this but it does blow up a tire and that’s that’s the most important thing

because if you’re stuck on the side of the road the most important thing is get

the tire pump go and it does work in that capacity even though the digital

readout may be a little bit off but the instructions do say to have another tire

pressure gauge to make sure that you have an accurate reading so I give him

credit for that what I would probably do is it set the PSI lower than I actually

need it because it seems like it’s a little bit off with the tire it inflated

over 35 pounds before it shut off even though the reading and the air dragon

said 32 the question is was you buy this for 40 dollars for 40 bucks I look at it

as good insurance yes especially if you’re stranded on the side of the road

and your tires flat right yeah I’d rather gamble on 40 bucks and long walk

okay so we have the expert opinion saying that is worth $40 investment air

dragon gets the thumbs up from the expert friendly Chevrolet so apparently

the problem I was having with the basketball is that when the air dragon

is plugged into the power but it’s not attached to anything else it’s going to

be looking for a load that’s not there so it’s going to keep shutting on once

it was attached to a tire that was low in air it didn’t have that shutting on

showing off from that I experienced with the basketball early on it ran for 15 straight minutes

and then shut up when it said 32 pounds although in reality it was over 35

pounds for that you’ll probably want to have more accurate gauge overall I’m

kind of on the fence about air dragon I mean my initial tests were pretty bad

the way it kept turning on and off it didn’t seem like setting anything was

even doing anything but on the other hand when it came time to inflate flat

tire it did work so if you want the air dragon as its advertised with all those

features you might be disappointed because I think some sort of a calibration issue and

when there’s no or little load it seems like it has a hard time deciding whether

or not to turn on or off but if you just want to inflate tires on the back to

your car to have with you in case of emergency it should work from my friends

perspective he said he didn’t care about the other stuff he wanted something that

wouldn’t play a tire and did the job so in his mind it was worth buying for me

the fact that it was seem to have calibration issues a gauge was

inaccurate it might make me think twice about it so to me I’m kind of on the fence.

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