Best Air Compressor For Home Garage Ingersol Rand 20 Gallon

Best Air Compressor For Home Garage

What’s up everybody welcome back to my store views on this episode this

beautiful beige air compressor here is my ingersoll-rand 20 gallon garage mate

its model number is P1.5lu and I’ve waited I wanted to wait a little bit to

do this review because I wanted to get a little better at this sort of thing and

I’m still pretty shitty at it but I feel like I could do this justice now so I’m

going to tell you everything I like and then a couple minor things that I don’t

like about it let me go through the numbers first

it’s a 2 piston air compressor so those tend to be a little bit quieter than

your single single piston air compressors and it’s a hell of a lot

quieter than an oilless this is oiled as you can see there’s the oil gauge right

there it has a 2 horsepower motor and if you ever see those shop backs that say 6

horsepower peak 4 4 4 peak horsepower that’s because 2 horsepower is

the most you can get out of your regular receptacle and that was another thing

that I wanted to do that I took into consideration when when buying this I

could have spent the same amount of money and got a 60 or even 80 gallon

lesser quality air compressor but I would wanted something that was it’s got

the wheels down here and it does have a handles here’s the handle so this is

somewhat portable but I will say it weighs about 200 pounds so keep that in

mind it is this is a heavy little air compressor and that’s due to every part

of it being heavy-duty the compressor housing is all cast-iron that motor

alone I think weighs like 40 pounds and I wanted something heavy-duty and

something that would last a long time I grew up with a 20 gallon can belt haul

spell air compressor and that’s kind of would have been trying to do with my tool

collection is replicate or have a lot of the same tools that my father had when I

grew up using and this is one of those things I did compare it to the Campbell

House valve 20 gallons but they didn’t make a vertical one and because the

space is kind of limited in the shed I want with with a vertical so excuse me

the little lay down style is just as good but I like I said because of the

space I wanted to have to have the smallest footprint possible and it only

takes up about two foot by two foot instead of two foot by four foot if it

was a horizontal model let me go through all the numbers first like I said it’s

two horsepower it does 5.5 CFM at 90 psi and 90 psi is going to be your max

rating for almost any tool that you use so to achieve the achieve 90 psi working

pressure I crank the regulator up to about 115 120 so by the time here you

pull the trigger on something and the air gets moving your actual working psi

is only about 90 90 95 I push it a little bit something else that I really

liked about this one is the dual piston setup it enables it to be quieter

because you don’t have this big of a piston popping every every cycle to

compress the air you have two smaller ones that are doing the same amount of

work as one big one my dad’s I believe was a single piston and it was a good

bit louder than this this is quoted as 75 to 80 psi are 75 to 80 decibels so

normal speaking volume there’s about 65 decibels so when this thing kicks on you

don’t really have to stop your conversation I know you’ve all been in

the shop before and somebody’s got some loud ass air compressor especially if

it’s oil as soon as that thing kicks on conversation pause you you can’t you’re

screaming if you’re trying to continue it so you wait for the thing to fill up

and then you continue you pick up right where you left off not the case of this

one is not really that loud let me drain it down a little bit and I’ll let you

hear it but I will do this sorry about that shitty camera work let me uh I got to

turn it regulator up so I’m just talking at normal volume I have a lot closer to

the camera but it’s not really that loud claps silence it’s not silent buddy

means but like I said it’s quiet enough you can continue a conversation if this

thing comes on and my shed here is about the size of a tiny garage if I had a

roll-up door on it I probably could almost pull a car in here’s I think the

trunk and everything would be hanging out but in a bigger garage especially if

you put this in its own enclosure you’re not going to hear it at all it’s really

quiet all the features on it you have your your disconnect here that comes

with it it comes with oil and then here’s your regulator gauge and this is

your tank pressure gauge it comes with two air filters some of them don’t

actually come with air filters of course comes with a shroud comes with this

handle those are two nice like 10 inch pneumatic tires which it needs being

about 200 pounds was the shipping weight of this thing so it’s heavy duty all the

way around the whole compressor housing and compressor setup is all cast-iron

everything on it’s really tight and really quality I’ve left this thing for

two or three days with pressure in it which I don’t like to do but it’ll hold

the pressure right where I left it as long as nothing’s connected especially

if the hose is disconnected and there’s no there’s no leaks in the air

compressor if anything leaks it’s going to be your your your bit end of your

hose like right now as you can hear that it’s this thing this connection leaks a

little bit but pull that off nothing so it’s a really tight unit I was really

impressed of how he’ll dare in it it’s got a hole powder-coated finish all copper lines

all heatsink copper lines because you do develop heat and you compress air so it

tries to cool that down before it goes into the through the check valve into

the tank the tank is rated at like 160 psi like 140 degrees so the tank is way

way over built so that compressor it runs 5.5 CFM at 90 psi which is a little

on the low side but you’ll you’ll find house key or craftsman compressors that

quote like 6 6 + CFM at 90 psi and that’s because they run as a higher

pressure they’ll run it like 150 psi and I didn’t really care about that because

I feel like this air compressors work not working as hard as something that’s

got to go to 150 psi your rerunning higher pressures your check valve is

this is the check valve right here check valves working harder your Pistons are

working harder everything is working harder so this one is just I feel like

this one just breezes through filling up the tank it’s not working hard at all

it’s not putting stress on any of the parts that’s why I hope this one will

last as long as my father’s because is a candle haul spell he hasn’t done any

maintenance to it at all and the thing still runs like a champ I think

his uh right here the pressure switch when it drops below pressure his did

wear out after about 10 years maybe 15 years and he replaced it with an

off-the-shelf pressure switch and it’s still it’s still running fine today

that’s another thing I like about this this is all pretty much off-the-shelf

parts there’s nothing proprietary about it there’s nothing fancy about it you

need a new two piston compressor that’s a standard design and all I’m not gonna

have problems replacing that especially because it’s a well known brand that is

probably still going to make that compressor housing 30 years from now if

not somebody else does this motor it’s a standard 700 1750 rpm compressor motor

with the 2 capacitors on top of the overload on the side of it that’s a standard thing

gauges are all standard everything is a standard kind of fitting so I know even

though Square D actually makes a pressure switch for this so I don’t even

have to get that it’s probably nicer than the one that’s on there but I don’t

even have to get that from Ingersoll to two things I don’t like

about it and they’re just like I don’t understand Devon design features right down here I

have you can see there I mean get rid of this come on where is it there right there is the

drain plug now if you can tell there’s about an inch between this drain plug

and the edge of this which is something you know the oil still looks really

clean and I will eventually need to replace it but when I do there’s really

no way to get the oil out of here without getting it all down this thing

my friend has a Northstar vertical two horsepower twin piston air compressor

it’s it looks identical that I said looks like it like they like Northstar

bought one of these and then copied it is not a rebranded one as far as I

can tell everything is on it’s a little bit different it’s not just a different

colored rebranded Ingersoll but that one actually has an extension so instead of

the plug being here it comes out to about here and then

there’s a plug kind of a annoying design feature on this one but it’s not the end

of the world it you know you can go quite a while without changing the oil

in these here’s the set up a little bit different the finish on it is a lot

different and it’s got like the crinkle hammertone kind of finish looks more

durable but it will attract dust more so it’s like what you know this is powder

coated so what do you want you want it looking dusty as all the time

or you know something easy to wipe off also we down here that is the drain I

don’t know if you can tell but the bottom of the tank is domed it’s it’s

rounded like the top of it so for me to actually drain all the water out of this

I have to tilt this whole thing like a 45 degree angle if I just open that up

right now it’ll release all the air and get a little bit of moisture will come

out but for me to actually get the sitting water in the bottom of it I have

to tilt the whole thing about about that angle kind of stupid but it’s easily

accessible but it doesn’t get all the water out I wish the thing was all the

way in the bottom and I considered trying to add one to the bottom but it’s

a pressure vessel and I just didn’t wanna I didn’t want too bad I want to

screw with it you know I’ve seen a couple videos of air compressors

exploding where their pressure relief valves are malfunctioning or something

else malfunctions probably a multiple multiple malfunctions at one time and

this explodes that that compressor is powerful enough that if it

doesn’t shut off and it keeps pumping that tank off and the relief valves

don’t go and that thing goes you’re going to the hospital and you’re not

going to be right for the rest of your life you’re going to have GIMP GIMP leg

or you’re a missing an arm it’s dangerous these you work with high high

psi the height of the PSI the higher the danger value so I wanted something

reputable I wanted something not necessarily made in a Chinese sweatshop

I don’t really know where this is made I don’t think it’s the United States maybe

parts of it are made in the United States but it’s not it’s it’s one thing

that it makes me nervous about Harbor Freight air compressors and I haven’t

ever heard any horror stories about those but I’ve seen that I’ve seen the

videos of those things going bad and it’s not good it’s really bad so I’ll

tell you a little bit more about the North Star and I maybe if I had to do it

over again I would get the North Star friend of mine bought it and I didn’t

really like it too all in person I saw I had seen reviews

of it and I had saw it online for sale and it’s cheaper than this one this one

ingersoll-rand only comes with a one-year warranty

I think the tank is like a five-year warranty but the whole unit as a whole

is only one year the North Star has a three-year warranty and has a one-year

professional use warranty so if you you bought the North Star and put it in your

automotive shop I don’t know how how the they would know but it’s a one-year

professional three-year you know homeowner warranty so that’s better but

I feel like this is another another sort of thing that if you get a year out of

it and you used it quite a bit your problem it’s probably going to last a

lot longer than a year if it doesn’t get enough things there’s no defects in it

and it doesn’t the bed in a year you probably got something that’s going

to last a while so the north side is a three year warranty it’s cheaper and I

kind of like to finish on the North Star a little bit better it is a little more

durable this looks like it could scratch easier but it’s the air compressor I

mean I didn’t take any time for me to there were some warning labels down here

rip those all off put my own stickers on it I’ll show you some of the stickers

this is a local band a ballyhoo they play like a rock reggae I really like

them a lot they’re getting their get a pretty good following now this sticker

was made by a friend of a friend who’s an artist who just makes weird

stickers and if you can’t already tell this is luke rang Krang from the Ninja

Turtles in the shape of the wu-tang symbol this is a from a brewery by my

friend’s house in Richmond Virginia up here on the Shroud of the fan shroud we

have a aware up sticker that’s RC cars that’s a brewery that’s a friend skate

company go Birds RC cars RC cars got this cool reflective Klein sticker and then my NRA membership sticker on

so oh I love this air compressor it’s really good when I’m even even if

I’m using like a really inefficient tool like this shitty Kawasaki cutoff wheel

it even if it kicks on while I’m still using it I can continue to use it while

it’s trying to repress your eyes this motors rate is a hundred percent duty

cycle which means this thing to just be a running non-stop and that motor is not

going to have a problem with it it’s built to do that

I believe the North Star is only an 80 percent or 60 percent duty cycle which

is average for a air compressor because it’s only running all it’s running on

and off but this one you don’t have to worry about me it’s continuously running

if it’s supplying you with enough air for your tool keep running it can handle

it and if it doesn’t you know then while you’re you guys buy new motor but

it’s rated for 100 percent duty cycle so that’s it this thing is awesome another

thing it’s not these big pneumatic tires on the bottom which make it really easy

to move around even even if you have to drag it through some grass those are

those are a little bit bigger than most all vertical hair pressure tires so and

it’s kind of kind of funny I think one of them is flat right now I think this

one actually is like no air in it at all but easy to move around like it is heavy

you can’t be a little bitch but it’s a you know you just grab that handle and

pull it behind you and it pretty much runs over anything you pull it through

so that’s it that’s my review I freaking love it I expect this to last good

twenty or thirty years you know maybe with some maintenance maybe the motor

goes up one day or maybe I need to rebuild the compressor but it’s all

off-the-shelf kind of so it’s very serviceable and I don’t think I might

have any problems with it so I want to wrap this up and that’s my review of my

Ingersoll Rand garage made twenty Allen.

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