Badger TC910 Airbrush Air Compressor Review

Airbrush Air Compressor

I’m going to be taking a look at this the Badger TC910 airbrush air

compressor I did a lot of research before I bought this air compressor and

I’m confident that this unit provides me with the best value and the best

performance I noticed though while I was watching all these online reviews and

reading articles that the version I have is a slightly updated version over what

you may have seen previously the badger has made some changes in the design and

I just like to point out a few of those right now the air vents on the side here

are a little bit larger I don’t really think that makes too much difference

because they’re the ends are still open there’s lots of air flowing through this

unit so I don’t think it would be prone to overheating anyway a second important

change the two air brush holders at the top here are now made for gravity feed

air brushes it used to be that one was for a gravity feed and the other was for

a safe and feed now they’re both for gravity feed that’s the type that I plan

to use so that will suit my needs better I think the third change that you’ll see

on the outside is that the Badger logo is a little bit larger than it was

before this logo is very important to me because badger is a well respected name

in the airbrush industry they’ve been around for something like 50 years and

they are renowned for their service and looking after their customers if I have

any problems with this unit I’m confident that badger will be there to back me up

badger makes no bones about it they don’t manufacture this compressor it’s

made for them overseas in Asia and it tells you right here on the box it’s

made in China quality inspected in the USA this by the way is the box that it

comes in nothing special just a plain cardboard box couple of pieces of

styrofoam the compressor is packaged inside a plastic bag to protect it when

you pull it out of the box it’s ready to go right away

the only thing you have to do it’s got a quarter inch bread here they provide you with an

adapter to convert that over to a 1/8 thread all you have to do is screw it on

and then the compressor is ready to go that’s what the outside of the unit

looks like not much to see and that’s the whole idea here that metal cover

keeps all the works hidden away you don’t have to look at an ugly air

compressor you can instead just look at a plain box which I would prefer anyway

but what I’m going to do now I’m just gonna pause at this point and then I’m

going to open up the cover and show you what it looks like on the inside that’s

where there are some more significant changes I’ll be back in just a moment

alright we’re back and here’s the air compressor without its cover I just had

to remove six Phillips screws three on each side and and then I took the cover off it is

surprisingly heavy it’s it’s a heavy gauge metal that that they use in the

construction of this compressor I imagine the cover more than anything is

just to keep the unit looking clean and nice it probably does offer some sound

deadening but this is not a very loud compressor anyway when it’s running you

can barely hear it outside of this room as long as I’ve got the door closed no

one else in the house knows that I’m running an air compressor really nice

unit to live with that way I’m more accustomed to the types of air

compressors that are used in construction or for powering pneumatic

tools and this air compressor is nothing like those it is so remarkably quiet on

the side of the motor here you can see the air intakes it it just draws the air

up through there there there’s no air manifold anywhere else on it just just

keeps the design simple and clean below it here we have the three liter air tank

not much to say about it other than it seems like a fairly sturdy unit it only

it only holds four bars of air pressure that’s about 60 pounds so it doesn’t need to be a

particularly heavy tank it doesn’t need to be made of real heavy gauge steel

like like some like an industrial air compressor it’s nothing like that we see

the power cord here it comes with a two meter long cord more than enough you

know you know III just plug it in right here on top of the workbench so I’d be

fine if the cord was even shorter than that but it’ll reach an electrical

outlet if you’ve got it sitting on your workbench for sure back here we start to

see some changes in the design as it has evolved this is the power switch here it

doesn’t illuminate or anything like that just simple on-off in previous

generations of this air compressor the switch was located somewhere up here and

users complained that they had to stick their hand in under the cover to get

access to the switch I guess badger and their manufacturer we’re listening and

they’ve now moved the switch back here where it’s a little bit more convenient

the power cord to it it now exits from the back of the motor it used to use to

come out the side here somewhere and I don’t think that makes any difference

just it’s just a change that they’ve made and I wanted to point it out here

is the most significant change this is the the air pipe that leads from the

motor to the tank and now they have this manifold here that that includes the

pressure release valve and the pressure sensor switch this switch will will kick

in when the air pressure in the tank drops to only three bars of pressure

that would be for people that measure in pounds about forty three pounds of air

pressure and it shuts the motor off once it gets up to four bars which is about

60 pounds of pressure having the tank is the most important aspect of this air compressor

because what it means is if you didn’t have the tank you’d you’d have the motor

running constantly every time you press the trigger on your airbrush the motor

would kick in as long as you were painting the motor would have to be

running now it because it’s got this tank the motor charges the tank up to

four bars of pressure and you can go ahead and and airbrush without the motor

necessarily being on it only kicks in once the pressure drops down to three

bars so that means that the motor might be running for fifteen or twenty seconds

while you can go ahead and paint for a minute or two minutes or however long

depending on the amount of air flow that’s going through your brush it just

makes it less annoying a little quieter better easier to live with

let me point out a change the badger has made in the design people used to

complain that this rattled while the machine was in operation while the motor

was running badger has now put a cover over top of the the pressure relief

valve and just means that this doesn’t rattle as much as it apparently used to

there there are probably a lot of ways you can solve this you could probably

remove the the ring altogether you could do a number of things I’m sure but it

just shows that badger was listening to feedback from their users and they’ve

done something about it here at the front of the unit we see the pressure

regulator how that works is you just pull up on the dial here and then you

adjust your pressure accordingly and once you have it set you just lock it

back down there’s a moisture trap here it’s made out of glass and there’s a

release here on the bottom so that if moisture does build up you can just

it off with an air tank you don’t get as much moisture traveling to your airbrush

anyway what happens is the air is heated up as it goes through the motor but once it

gets into the tank here the air cools down again we’re not talking about very

high temperatures here anyway but the air cools down and any moisture that

that is going to be released from the air stays within the tank there’s

probably only a very minor amount that will ever make it up to to the moisture

trap here this this is what I was talking about in terms of when you get

the when you get the compressor out of the package this is the only assembly

that’s required this is the quarter inch NPT threaded fitting here that’s that’s

probably a little bit too large for most airbrush hoses so they they provide you

with a 1/8 inch NPT fitting and all you have to do before you start using the

compressor is screw that fitting on to here to adapt it down to a 1/8 inch hose

which which is pretty much the standard for air brushes let me let me now point

out the one thing that I don’t like about this badger compressor and that’s

this gauge here this gauge runs all the way up to seven bars of pressure or a

hundred pounds that is that’s just too high of a range for an air compressor

that operates more in the four bar range it makes it more difficult to really

dial in an accurate amount of pressure for your airbrush so what I’ve done is

I’ve gone and ordered a four bar gauge or a 60-pound gauge that I’ll that I’ll

end up replacing this unit with I mean this this works just fine it’s just if

you’re someone like me who really likes to accurately dial in the amount of

pressure that’s going to your airbrush this this gauge gives two gross of a

reading it’s not accurate and so I’m planning on replacing mine that

that’s that’s basically about it for the outside or for the inside of the cover

for the for the inner workings of the compressor it is a really nice unit I’m

impressed with how well it’s made you know quality materials there’s a little

bit of plastic like here and here but it’s high-quality all the way everything

just it’s beautifully made I only paid about $200 for this compressor normally

they sell for about $400 but I bought mine at Michaels and they they’re famous

for their 50{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} off coupons I used one of those and I got it for only $200 but

even if I had paid a full $400 the you know the regular asking price for this I

would have considered it a great value similar air compressors from Iwata

for example they sell locally here for about $700 and I just couldn’t justify

paying that much for an air compressor that that would be as much as two air

brushes to high-quality premium air brushes $200 is more the price point

that that I was comfortable paying and I’m really glad I got this compressor

for that amount just before I close let me just show you here too that there’s a

drain valve right on the bottom of the tank that’s accessible from the bottom

of the air compressor and periodically you just have to open this up and drain

off any moisture that may accumulate in there another thing to show you here on

the bottom or these rubber feet I before I got the compressor I I was thinking of

all kinds of ways I might isolate the compressor from from my workbench or

from the floor to prevent vibrations from filtering through into my workspace

but really this doesn’t make much noise there is no vibration and these rubber

feet you know if they’re if what little vibration there may be that it gets

soaked up by them so makes it very easy to live with this come

press are very quiet very very impressive unit that’s about all I have

to say about it really pleased with the compressor I think it was a great value

I’m really pleased that it’s a badger product because I know that if I have

any problems at all with it I have someone to turn to that that will be in

business for years to come I’m sure and they’ll be there to back their product

if I have any problems at all just it’s it’s just been a delight and I recommend this unit highly.

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