Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Professional OBD2 Scanner Tool Review

OBD2 Scanner

Today we’re gonna look at the aah tell MaxiCOM MK808 professional diagnostic and

scan tool legal disclosure this was sent by odd tel in exchange for a review

inside the case is of course the MK808 itself user manuals obd2 cable adapter

USB cable and a wall charger the MK808 has a giant touchscreen rubber handles

up on the top you got a USB connector for charging and data transfer between

your computer you have the SD card slot the obd2 cable plug a USB port for

hooking this up to a printer and the power button on the back you have a stand

so when you first turn it on and unlock it you’ll see that it’s in its

diagnostic mode however this is a tablet so you can use the quick launch toolbar

here at the bottom to get yourself into the tablet mode if that’s what you want

to do you’ve got internet PDF calculator clock pictures and autel specific apps

this thing I was a wireless internet so you can go on there and look up

information about cars etc so I’m going to go into the maxi comm app so we can

look at the pro features that this tool has so first of all you have Diagnostics

where you have your regular obd scanning for check engine lights and all your

brand specific scanning abilities all in one place or you can go up here click

history to see which vehicles you’ve recently worked on you can separate by

US domestic brands european brands Asian brands you can also search

to find your brand really awesome feature right here is the vin auto-detect

you can automatically detect which car you’re connected to or you can manually

input the VIN and all the cars information will come up and in the

service menu you have all of these service options to service the oil reset

light electronic parking brake tire pressure monitoring system battery

monitoring system brake bleed diesel particulate filter and mobilize our keys

injectors steering angle sensor suspension systems throttles windows

doors and roof seats of Dhamma tur language change headlamps you can change

the tire size and you have tech learn Tec learn so the brands are limited in

some of these menus I guess to the brands that offer these options

currently and I would imagine that you can update to get new brands in the

future as brands add these functions on their vehicles

now in shop manager you can view the vehicle history to see which vehicles

you’ve worked on you can add your workshop information and this info will

be printed at the top of any printed reports that you print out of this unit

you have your customer manager where you can add your customers information so

when you get repeat customers you can look them up and have all their

information available right on the scanner Data Manager you can look at

your images PDFs review data apps uninstall data logging settings where

you can modify the settings for this unit units of measurement language

printing upgrade Notification Center multi-task auto update system settings

and about system settings takes you to a whole nother menu where you can modify

the display brightness and all the that kind of thing like Wi-Fi you have your

update icon function viewer the port for the tool Academy remote desk which

allows autel to connect to this device or support for the device quick link

maxi fix quick link is really useful it allows you to quickly access all of your

online automotive manuals and whatnot I’m like all data tell itself the

diagnostic box Haines pro identificado data et I and I Etienne the support menu

gives you support options for this tool you look at your account look at your

complaints look at your data logging you’ve got community support for this

tool training on how to use it and frequently asked questions this takes

you to their YouTube channel you can look at update info for the unit service

info for the unit you can see its history of faults if it ever has any

Academy also teaches you how to use this unit the function viewer allows you to

search the supported functions that are available on specific brands and models

and years you just choosing a random one here so I can show you how this works

shows you all the functions that are available all the things that can be

diagnosed or codes read that are on this specific vehicle and you can search

through all kinds of vehicles here maxie fix is an online troubleshooter database

which provides you with a common diagnostic trouble codes database for

most vehicles and it’s also a form allowing technicians to network with

other maxi comm users and it gives you a vast database of repair and diagnostic

tips along with proven filed fixes it’s not going to connect for me out here my

internet is who week some far away from the internet down here you have

your quick link toolbar have your back button the home button takes you to the

tablet the windows button shows you which windows you have open you can

choose where to go from there give your internet screenshot hold that you get a

screen shot Diagnostics diagnostics again and service one thing people

always ask me when I review these things is kind of you transmission data can a

view-all temperature can view transmission slip data and all that kind

of thing well the answer is yes if your vehicle supports it so if you have an

Audi you’d go into here you’d connect this to your vehicle select your vehicle

and now you can see all the modules that your vehicle will have in it

to go into the transmission control module and if I had this connected to an

Audi it would go into that and you could see all the different information that

is read by the different sensors on your outies transmission or whatever car you

have transmission so in other words if your car has the module and if it has a

sensor then you can see the info that the sensor reads all right I have this

plugged into my car because I want to show you the V naught Oh detect

and some of the other features tell me my battery voltage right there too

I want to see what control units I can access on this car

here’s where you would read codes and raise codes and look at live data how we

got live data all these things here you get the idea you can do all all

kinds of stuff have a few codes here see the different conditions of the

vehicle when the code happens you click help it’ll take you to Google

so you can find more info very cool or you click search for that sorry click

help you get a description of the problem and everything like that tells

you an amazing amount of information anyway to erase the codes BAM

so that’s the I’ll tell MK808 if you want to pick one up for yourself.

Source : Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Professional OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

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