Audew Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Portable Air Compressor Reviews

I would do a product review for them so they actually sent me a

product for free for the purpose of doing a review on it now it’s not going

to bias my opinion we’re going to do a review on this product today and we’re

going to do an honest review we’re gonna see if it lives up to the hype that’s on

the box we’re going to see if it actually performs like it does and now

the only reason that I agreed to review this product is because I think it’s

useful I think it’s something that each one of you guys has car guys could use

or keep in your vehicles just in case now what I’m talking about is this

little guy here now we’ve all seen him this one happens to be manufactured by a

company called odd do au de W I’ll put a link down in the description to the

website and also to this the length so you can purchase it now this is a twin

cylinder battery operated aka 12 volt battery cigarette lighter air compressor

that you can keep in your vehicle to use whenever you have a flat tire or

whatever now my assumption of this before we even get into the review is

that it’s going to be your typical air compressor these you can buy these at

Walmart you can buy these everywhere there’s all different brands of them

there’s all different you know models and sizes and everything else well this

one happens to be slightly different this one has twin cylinders and they’re

claiming the claim on this is that you can pump up a 195 tire from 0 to 35 psi in two minutes or

less that is the actual claims now I think it says here with a huge 50 liters

per minute at 30 psi yeah will easily pump up a 10 r15 off-road tire from 15

to 32 psi in one minute and then comfortably continue to do so for five

of your mates vehicles as well before there’s a chance to the thermal shutdown

switch kicking in so now we’re going to do some testing with this thing unbox it

first so that you guys can actually see it we’ll go over it real quick and then

you know we’ll put it to the test and see how it goes so here we go alright

guys so we’re gonna pull this thing out of the package and see what we got

so first we have our instruction sheet you know an instruction sheet is mostly

in Chinese now in brief the compressor exerts wide ranges of use such as tire a

vehicle auto engines and bicycles balls toys and boats it’s good for emergency

needs when you’re on the highway and counter side road or rush for office in

the morning what wow this English is definitely terrible very brief

instructions plug the power cord in the cigarette lighter receptacles start at

the engine turn on the switch push the connector the compressor bow forward on

the stem of the tire the gauge will indicate pressure so your typical setup

now you get this nice little hose that has pretty decently long stretch to it a

little quick connector to actually connect to the compressor itself and

then move that’s nice I don’t know if you guys can see that but that is

actually a screw on fitting so you don’t have to sit there and hold this on the

actual tire you can screw it in and then of course a zero to 150 psi gauge

alright let’s bring out the actual compressor let’s see what we got oh this is nice

okay so we have an adapter this is super nice so you can clip right to the

battery instead of having to go to your cigarette lighter which sometimes if

they’re fused at anything less than a 30 amp you might run the risk of blowing

the fuse and your cigarette lighter if you can at all I would recommend

clipping this directly to your battery and here we go alright guys there’s the

compressor itself the nice little carrying handle on it that folds tight

now these I’ve already unboxed this before so that I could take a look at it

before I reviewed it for you guys but these cylinders are made out of cast

aluminum we’re just gonna dissipate heat nicely these top panels however I don’t

know if you can hear that these top panels are all plastic which you know

what as far as longevity goes might be a problem but we’ll get to it we’ll see

how hot it actually gets now you’ve got you know obviously cylinder number one

cylinder number two on this side of it here you have a nice little air hose

which your actual air hose will connect to like so and then once all that’s

connected you have your on/off switch right here and then of course your cord

now the one thing I noticed about this is this cord actually seems like it

might be just a bit short so if you’ve got a longer vehicle like a pickup truck

or something this might be a little bit short now the last feature on this and

these guys these are super simple devices there’s nothing super

complicated about these things so don’t be expecting some crazy in-depth review

of it but up here you have a little case then you have all your inflation tools

you have your air mattress inflation tools you have your you know beach ball

inflation tool then you have a you know soccer or basketball football air needle

those things nice little compartment for storing that little stuff now overall

the build quality of this is your typical Chinese stuff not terrible but

not the greatest in the world it’s typical of this level of air compressor

I mean these these on Amazon right now they’re selling for I think it’s either

49.99 or $59.99 I’ll give you guys the link so you can go check it out also too

just please remember that even though this thing on the side of the box states

that it’ll you know you can fill up your tire in five other tires at the same

time this has a bottom max on time of 30 minutes or so and that’s not going to

get you much I mean if you’re blowing up tires you’re probably talking for a

normal sized vehicle tire nowadays probably 10 to 15 minutes to fill the

tire up so you know after you do two tires this may overheat and go into

protection and then you’d have to let it cool down but remember these are oil

list compressors any one of these that you buy unless it’s going to be like a

buyer or you know some real high-end four or five hundred dollar compressor

you’re going to get what you pay for it these are designed to help you out in a

pinch these aren’t designed to be your daily banger air compressor for blowing

up tires all day long so for what it is for 50 or 60 bucks you’re going to have

to realize that that’s what it is it’s not going to you know blow up 17 tractor

trailer tires and if you look on the reviews on the Amazon which I did before

I actually started reviewing this most of the reviews are good for the people

who are using them like oh my god I had a flat tire on the side of the road and

this really got me out of a bind I blew up all my kids beach balls at the beach

that day and it was great the people that you are seeing leaving bad reviews

are the people who are trying to blow up a hundred psi truck tires they’re trying

to you know blow up way too much stuff they’re trying to inflate entirely too

much with an expecting way too much out of this that’s not what it’s designed

for it’s literally designed to get you out of a pinch to save you in an emergency

to blow up a couple of Falls so you can have fun for the weekend and then you know stick it

back in it’s a nice little carrying case then it comes with and keep it in the

back and in the trunk of your car hopefully everything works out great so

what we’re gonna do is we’re going to the specifications that are on this a

maximum airflow 85 liters per minute we really can’t test that max voltage is

13.8 max amp draw 30 amps and that’s what I was telling you about if you’re

going to be using this in your car I highly suggest clipping it to a battery

instead of going through the cigarette lighter because if this thing ends up

under a pretty heavy load you might blow the cigarette lighter fuse so keep that in mind

maximum working pressure is a hundred and fifty psi now that does not mean

that this unit will actually pump something up to 150 psi that means that

this unit may be able to raise pressure from like let’s say 140 to 150 but you

know up for 50 bucks I’m not going to guess that this will get to 150 psi we

can test it but we’ll see maximum restart pressure is 200 psi

which means that this unit will restart and continue pumping as long as it’s

below 200 psi maximum ambient temp is 60 C that’s pretty hot minimum is negative

55 that’s pretty cold maximum duty cycle time this is what I was getting at guys

40 minutes at 40 psi at 24 C so basically it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit

it’ll run for 40 minutes pushing 40 psi if you’re higher than that it’s going to

run for less time if you’re lower than that it’ll run for more time it all

depends on how hot this thing gets so basically what we’re gonna test today is

on their website it states that you can end in their instructions also it states

that you can pump up a 10-hour 15 tire basically a 195 with tire from 0 to 35

psi in two minutes now I happen to have a car over there that’s got a 205 tire

so I’m assuming if we can get this tire from 0 to 35 psi and 4 min

I think we’ll be doing good so I’m gonna bring this over to the car now we’re

stick it on the tire we’ll fire it up I’ll give you guys an idea of how loud

it is and how quickly it actually pumps a tire up so let’s go do that now

alright guys so we’ve got the compressor hooked up to a car battery I don’t have

a battery in this particular car so I hooked it up to just a battery which is

a little under voltage because they want you to start the car when you’re running

this are times might be a little bit skewed but what we’re going to do is I’m

actually gonna take and put a timer here so that hopefully we can see how long

this is going to take to pump up this tire so we’re gonna do is take the the

nozzle and screw it on here and as you can see the gauge right now

is reading zero psi let’s get this plastic off of here it’s reading zero

psi we want to get it to 35 which is right in between 25 and 50 so I’m going

to start the timer turn the compressor on where the time lapses and see how

quickly it’ll pump this tire up so here we go this is a 205 60 r15 tire which is

bigger than they stated in their instructions but yet it inflated this

tire from zero psi to 35 psi in two minutes and 21 seconds so not bad at all

not bad not bad not bad now heat why’s it got lukewarm the hose is probably the

hottest part of this the hose actually got pretty toasty this rubber hose here

that comes directly off of it that’s pretty hot but the cylinders themselves

lukewarm the motor again lukewarm so this thing actually did pretty good all

right guys let’s uh let’s take it back to the bench I’ll give you my final

thoughts on this thing and yeah we’ll go from there

all right guys so final thoughts on this thing didn’t get warm pumped a tire up

from 0 psi a 195 60 15 tire from 0 psi to 35 psi in 2 minutes and 21 seconds it

does what it says it’s going to do now ruggedness I don’t know that you would

buy this to be rugged this isn’t something that I would take off-roading

and expect that it’s going to blow up you know 37-inch tires in the same

amount of time I ran it for 2 minutes and 21 seconds the the hose got hot but

none of the other components of this thing got hot it actually stayed just fine

so in my honest opinion if you’re spending 50 or 60 bucks on something

like this use it for what it’s intended for blowing up tires in an emergency

somebody lets the air out of your tires as a joke whatever you want to blow your

tire up you get a flat and need your spare needs air in it and this this is

perfect for that absolutely perfect as far as it going – 150 psi I don’t know

about that the closest I was able to get just you know basically blocking

the the air nozzle was about 80 to 85 psi was what I was seeing with it so I

don’t know that it would actually hit 150 psi I think it’s capable of handling

it should you hook up to something that’s got that kind of a you know a

pressure in it but I don’t think that this unit will actually deliver a

hundred and fifty psi and it’s not supposed to I mean if you’re using this

to blow up a tire that needs 150 psi you need to rethink your priorities so again

guys use these for what they’re for in my opinion for the price point that this

is at I have another compressor that’s in my vehicle that I’ve had for years

and it is made by another company that’s actually very well known they’re

available pretty much everywhere at all your auto parts stores and everything

else and to be totally honest with you to blow up the same tire it takes about

10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes to blow up the same tire so this twin cylinder blew

up that same tire in two minutes and 21 seconds guys I think this is worth it so

you know what what I’m gonna do because I actually like this and it seems to

work very very well and I did some other off-camera testing as well just to kind

of get an idea I didn’t want to give this thing a good review if it didn’t

deserve it but it absolutely does it is doing exactly what it’s designed for

nothing more nothing less the price point is right it’s available

from Amazon the the representatives at the company that sent it to me

have been very very nice the you know they said they were gonna send me the

product the product arrived in two days so I have to give it to them they’ve

been very communicative I don’t like doing reviews of free stuff because I

feel that you guys are going to think that I’m obligated to give it a good

review but I’m absolutely not you know there were some changes that I would

make on this thing sure if it’s bouncing around in your car that’s just gonna

fall off of there there’s no actual it’s not held on by anything it’s just kind

of pressed in there so I would change that the plastic caps up here I would

change those I would make them aluminum you know I mean that would increase the

price a little bit but if somebody decides they’re going to run this thing

for an hour straight these might melt a little bit this handle is good for carrying the

weight but if you look it does shift quite a bit so if it’s shifting quite a

bit eventually it’s going to loosen up but again you’re only using this thing

in emergencies if you’re using it as your daily Bangor compressor you got a

problem by another compressor that’s designed for that this is not the

plastic feels like just your typical abs I don’t see any external markings on it

I wouldn’t go dropping this thing because you’re probably going to

probably gonna break some of that plastic but otherwise it’s pretty sturdy

I mean you know the plastic is literally just covers that surround the

compressors it does have you know some voltage ratings on the side max amperage

max pressure tells you that you know if it reaches thermal cutoff and it shuts

off because it got too hot let it cool off for fifteen minutes before using it

again and it even warns you don’t touch these fittings don’t touch any of these

fittings or the hose while you’re you know inflating because they get hot and

that’s just normal all of these compressors get hot there

is no oil cooling in these compressors and anytime you compress air it heats up

so you have to be careful with that obviously so all in all if I were to

rate this thing on a scale of one to ten for its intended purpose I’d probably

give it about a seven or an eight build quality could be just a hair better

performance is perfect yeah it probably seven seven and a half eight somewhere

around there I would rate this does exactly what it says it’s going to do

I’m not sure about the longevity of this hose these plastic hoses tend to get

brittle and break especially super cold weather so I don’t know how long that

would last a gauge is a little cheap I did measure accuracy this gauge set 35

psi and there was actually 34 psi and the tire with an actual you know

precision gauge so pretty close pretty close I mean you know when you’re on the

side of the road you really don’t care what pressures in it you just want it to

be drivable so yeah overall guys seven and a half is what I’m going to give

this thing as a rating do I suggest buying it yeah if you don’t have anything in your car

currently and you need you know to put something in there or in your wife’s car

just so you know that they’re they’re safe and they have them a method of

blowing things up their tires and stuff should they get a flat this is

absolutely something I would carry it comes with this nice little carrying case

you know once it’s in the carrying case you could just kind of throw it in your

trunk it’s out of the way and again it’s it’s cheap insurance so I’m gonna give a

link to the company the company has a ton of automotive accessories they have

a lot of little I want to say trinket II stuff a lot of lighting and a lot of you

know little little things that that go to your car so the company does a lot of

neat little stuff including this compressor they have a few others that

have like a built in jump box and a few other odds and ends it’s just a basic

compressor with no frills no features I’ll also provide the link down below to

where you can buy this as of the date of this video they’re still showing out of

stock but I’ve been told that they do come back and start pretty quickly so I

would suggest ordering it again read the reviews on it on Amazon you’ll

see that the bad reviews everybody that gave the thing a bad review is trying to

do something with it that it was not intended for so my rating is a seven

and a half and I’m gonna stick to that it’s a great little product.

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