Audew Best Air Compressor Test and Review

Best Air Compressor

If you have a car or a motorcycle or even a bicycle you’re gonna need a good

compressor there’s a lot of cheap ones like these it will take 30 minutes to

inflate a tire do you have a good compressor there are some solutions that

will allow you to have a good compressor for the garage and for emergency if you

are going with the car somewhere you it to be fair I’m not gonna just compare

it to this cheap junky one I’m also gonna compare it to the air dragon which

is so famous but for very very little reason this is the box that it comes in

very very fast shipping to the house they give you a very nice storage

compartment for it it has an extra hose like a longer hose it has an extra fuse

in case you blow a fuse and this is the compressor itself supposedly has a very

powerful motor and two cylinders a very nice touch they give you also a

connector for a just a battery so if you have to inflate a tire for a trailer

which I’m going to show you later on in the explanation this will make it very easy if

you have an extra battery just laying around and of course you’re gonna have a

couple of adapters so you could use it for blowing dust and other things around

the house in the computer or something like that in a keyboard will work really

well and the end of the explanation there will be a link at the bottom of the explanation

description check it out I’m also gonna try to find some discount

codes for you guys and even though my old compressor doesn’t have a long

enough hose to be able to sit on the floor and then plug it into the tire if

the valve is all the way up the air dragon doesn’t so this one was kind of

like hanging over here when I was trying to inflate a tire and there’s not how

it’s supposed to work it was a little bit annoying because you have to move

the car up and down on a flat trying to accommodate this compressor and that is

the part that really sucked about it but on this compressor though the hose even

though it’s not gonna reach the actual valve this is a complete solution they

give you an extension for it so look how nice you have an extension for it so you

could just attach it to and then you’ll be able to attach it to the tire and

this will it’s so long it will work even on a truck tire so it’s very very long

and it will work on a truck tire if you have to I have already tested this one

and it inflate the tire in about 20 minutes a little bit over 20 minutes and the air

dragon did a decent job at 11 minutes on my previous explanation but now we’re gonna

test this one because this is a dual cylinder and see how good this is going

to work the cable that comes with it that’s fairly long so we should be able

to easily reach inside the car or you could use this adapter to connect it

directly to the battery I got a plugged in it has an on and off

switch put an LED light in the front so this is pretty nice and also it has an

on and off switch the compressor itself what I’m gonna do right now I’m gonna

let the air completely out of the fire we’re ready to turn it on we’re gonna

stop at 35 34 psi and there it is three minutes in 21 seconds to inflate a tire

to 35 psi so if you look at her here it’s 35 psi I think this is definitely a

record no question about it another thing that I like is this this

connectors are very very long and wide so very easy to take them off without

losing too much air look how easy is to cheese take it off it’s absolutely

amazing let’s see how fast it will do a motorcycle tire so 15 psi this is what

this motorcycle tires are going for there is 15 psi 24 seconds now there is

a fast compressor what about a trailer tire these run at 80 psi so this is

gonna be a lot more work before you start you need to know this the

compressor needs power and you can power it from a battery from your car or a

battery just sitting around but if you power it from a battery from a car you

inflate a trailer tire you want to make sure you’re either running the car or

you have your battery put on a charger because it will drain the battery pre

fast 80 psi is a lot of pressure that rule should apply for doing all four

tires of your car always have the car running when you using the compressor of

the battery because you might get your tires inflated and

you might not have a car to start at the end here we go

there is 5 minutes and 48 seconds that’s how long it takes to go to 80 psi now

remember everything is gonna be very hot so keep in mind that this is gonna get

hot let’s do a test against the air dragon first thing you’re gonna notice

is the air dragon the hose doesn’t fit so you kind of have to put like sideways

like this and that is really frustrating because now you have to keep the air

dragon sitting like this even though it was designed to stand up so that is

annoying also on the air dragon you have to set up the pressure so in my case I’m

gonna set it up for 80 psi, okay I’m gonna stop it I’m gonna I’m

gonna stop it Spain because it’s getting really really hot and I’m afraid I’m

gonna actually break the air dragon I’m gonna stop it at ten minutes and 43

it’s barely at 55 psi and it’s just really not moving from there so I’m just

gonna give up on it and they’re gonna stop it Spain because it’s really hot

you can barely hold onto it in your hand and I think it’s gonna just break it so

it’s not just faster than the air dragon they’re dragon just cannot do it and to

be very honest with you I don’t have all day to test this one cheap one that I

have in the house this will take a half a day to inflate a tire VPD psi so this

is a clear winner the brand is a do you can find it on Amazon I’m gonna put a

link at the bottom of the explanation description to click on that link I can

guarantee you you’re gonna like this thing it’s absolutely amazing it’s

strong powerful fast just make sure that you run your car when you run it and

that’s all you need to know otherwise it will be it has all the things you need

in the box this is one of the best compressor that I’ve ever seen in a long time for the money.

Source : Audew 2xStroke air compressor

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