ARB Air Compressor Review And Install For My Jeep

ARB Air Compressor

Alright guys today we are talking air compressors and we’re going to do a

review and an install but before we get started with the new stuff I want to

take a second here and just talk about this thing this is the slime heavy duty

compressor I’ve had this for about four or five months it was working really

well at least I thought it was working really well but I did notice that I was

always the last guy on the trail to air up my tire and everybody else was always

done before me I paid about 65 bucks at Walmart for this and I was hoping it was

going to last me a long time well last week on the trail it started shaking

violently a blew a fuse and I wasn’t able to fill up my third tire so I still

made it out okay but no issues so I wasn’t planning on buying an air

compressor but this is kind of forced me to do it so let me show you what I got

now here it is guys this is the ARB CKD m12 air compressor it’s the single

single piston man I’ll tell you this thing is heavy what our first thing I

notice when I picked it up I’m like man this thing’s kind of weighs twice as

much well let me show you this is my old one and it weighs just over three pounds

the new one the ARB guy the heavy monster ways look at that 6.8 almost

seven pounds I’m telling you guys this thing feels like it’s just built very

well so let’s talk about what came in the box with it came with an air filter

the air filter will go right on here on the side it just screws right in there

came with a pressure switch the pressure switch will screw right in there

but we have a depth rule we’re going to talk about here in a little minute came

with a relay that’s for the wiring harness it came with a switch and its

own rocker now I have an S pod system in my Jeep so I won’t be using the switch

I’ll just be using the rocker it came with a tire inflator and some I guess if

you wanted to plate your you know soccer ball or basketball you can do that some

hardware and a mounting plate and then it came with this monster oh and this one oh I pulled

out of the box and I’m like holy cow are you kidding me that I don’t have an

engineering degree this is going to be a lot to figure out well it’s not guys and

we’re going to simplify this for you if you’re not wearing their lockers and

even if you are it’s really not that complicated I’m not running air lockers

I’m just running this to use as a tire inflator so this little extension here

is just four switches so if you’re running your primary switch and then

your front and rear Locker switches this is what you’ll be using but again I have

the s pause system so I won’t be doing that but that’s pretty straightforward

if you’re just going to wire that up to your switches I’m gonna set that aside

what we have here is this is where the relay is going to go so that’s easy day

well mount that up underneath there somewhere right in here is your main

power source to the compressor and then these two little the red and blue wire

are going to go right up here to our pressure switch this one is for your

your switch now I bought an S pod connector thinking I needed it come to

find out I really didn’t need it I only needed to cut these two wires and add

some of these clips on here but I already got it so I’m just going to hook

that up I won’t be using the green in the yellow because those are for lockers

and these will just be connected right up to my spot but again I didn’t really

need this I could have just used that directly what are we going to talk about

there’s a fuse in here and then our positive and our negative there’s to the

negative one of the positive and that’s it so that’s really pretty

straightforward it looks like a big old tangled mess it’s really not and we’ll

really try to explain it so that’s what came in the box with the compressor now

there’s a couple things that we got with this so let me show you those okay this

is a arby’s compressor kit and this comes with a little adapter and this

little plug guy for the hose so your hose will plug in there you get a nice

seal a nice lock in there and then this is going to go probably in a minute in

the top one and what will happen is grab the pressure switch the pressure switch

will go in here and then this whole unit will all screw in just like that

and then we’ll just put in our hose right from the top once it’s all set

obviously we’ll put some teflon tape on all those and get that done so you know

the compressor was about $259 this unit right here I think was about thirty

seven dollars on Amazon so again all very sturdy stuff like the hose I like

all the connections they’re very well built the other thing we got was I

bought their tire inflator I really liked their tire inflator it’s a got a

nice metal hose on here it allows you to take air out of the tire as well as

inflate it so you don’t just screw this on it just clamps on it’s got a nice

little clip on there locks it in there I’ve already tried this out the gauge is

spot-on I’ll tell you the gauge on my other one was usually about three psi

off this one’s perfect so I really like this this is going to be nice the last

thing I got was Evo’s mount which is specific for the ARB compressor this

actually is going to mount right behind the brake booster we have to do a

relocation with the the horn but the compressor will just sit right up on top

of here when it’s all said and done nice and clean easy install this was about

$45 online which is a little pricey but you know I get supply and demand oh and

the tire inflator I think I paid thirty three dollars for that so all in guys

were I don’t know I don’t know the math is atomic calculator 350 375 dollars

total that’s a chunk of change but at the end of the day that ARB compressor

has a two year warranty I mean this thing doesn’t feel like it’s going to

fail in time soon ARB you know they’re reputable company I think this is going to work really well

so let’s go ahead and get started on the install, okay the first thing we’re going to do

is loosen these two brake booster bolts back here and then we’re going to take the horn off you

okay so where it’s mounted in the hood we need a little clearance so ARB has

included these allen bolts that you can loosen up and then you can rotate this

down so you can get it flat and thatmakes it so it’s nice and easy

not to worry about hood clearance so and I tighten that up and then we’re gonna

put the connectors on and we’ll load it in right so we went to put the compressor

with a bracket on there and the bolts that came with the ARB compressor or

meant for that and they didn’t give me any supply bolt with the Evo mount and

the two rear bolts are hitting on the brake booster so I need to cut those

bolts down so they’re not pounding on the front two are fine so I’m just going

to chop off the ends of these real quick okay so we got the compressor all

mounted to the bracket I’ve got a laying flat we’re going to go ahead and install it

there’s not a lot of room in here so you’re going to need a little extension

and even a ninety degree and just to get in there because it’s not a lot of room

with a RB mount and the ARB compressor it allows you to rotate not only the

compressor but also the little chamber up here and so we were trying to figure

out how to clear it and all way to do is rotate the chamber so it’s paces that

way so once we get this tightened up I’m gonna hook up the air horn I’m going to

wire it up and then we’ll go ahead and plumb this should be pretty easy we’re

almost done we’re just going to lay the wire loom all the way across kind of lay

it out zip tie it up and clean it all up once, we get everything plugged in just

mounting the positive lead and two negative wires should all sit on this

okay so we’re going to put a liberal amount of teflon tape on all these you

so we’re going to plug in the relay and plug in press your switches

and we’re gonna give power to the compressor then we’ll test her out, we’ll pull this off

hey we got power, okay the compressors running I’m going to start the car we got the tire

deflated down to 20 psi we’re going to bring it all the way up to 40 and we’re

going to see how long it takes so two minutes right on the dot and

we’re at 40 psi that’s pretty nice guys yeah that was a pretty easy install and

I’m very happy with where this is that I’m happy with how it performs I’m

looking forward to using down the trail I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m

gonna go take that old compressor apart I want to see what actually broke inside

because you know I just like to tinker with things hey until next time guys

that we’ll see out on the trail.

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