Amazon Air Compressor DeWALT 4.5 Gallon 200 Max PSI, Oil Free Portable

Amazon Air Compressor

Today we’re going to look at DeWALT’s D55146 oil free maintenance

free air compressor now this air compressor is 1.6 horsepower it has 5s

CFM at 90 psi it’s a 200 psi four and a half gallon tank gives you two outlets

here and you have the ability to adjust your output in the air lines up to I

think I got it up to about 150 psi the tank holds 200 psi without any issue in

fact we have it pumped up right now when John and I first grabbed this off his

truck the first thing I said about is wow it fits nice underneath the bed

cover of a truck so you can haul it around with you it’s very portable it

you can cover it underneath the normal pickup bed and not have any issue

it’s unfortunate theft sometimes can be a problem but this can fit underneath

there nobody even knows it’s there the tires on this unit are nice and wide it

makes it very easily easy to carry around roll around there also semi flat

so if you were rolling it through stones or anything like that it doesn’t seem to

bounce around and it gives you some stability there is a handle here on top

to generally pick it up and I think I use that more when I’m pulling it out of

a truck or anything but there’s also handle that slides up in the back this

is nice because it brings everything right to waist height so you can haul it

around with you move it in and out of places and you’re not bending over it

slides back down right back out of the way no issues design-wise this thing is

great it’s designed to sit down flat when in use but be able to store in save

space up and down we did joke about this this the area over top of where the

actual compressor motor is says no step and I can understand why but it would

have made a really nice step but I can see why the wall doesn’t want you

stepping there because it’s just another liability issue there

are some tank drains there’s the emergency pull on the side where you’ll

drain everything which is also the blow-off valve there is also in the back

which is easy to get at when it’s standing up there’s a valve that you can

let any air or moisture that’s inside the tank out or just let it run dry so

the the unit does have a lot of normal things that would be built into a oil

bath or a normal high end air compressor this guy is meant to be portable and

used for probably mostly with nailing situations I know it is optimized for

using with a nail gun Dewalt has some features in here to keep

everything at the right psi when I was adjusting it one of the first things I

do when I look at an air compressor is I think okay if I’m going to adjust my

output psi and then I actually used the tool does the adjustment vary a little

bit this one did but not by much and I was able to dial it in really quick and

the biggest issue that I see with most oil free or maintenance free air

compressors is the time it takes for them to pump up now this one wasn’t too

bad but you got a picture you’re also pumping it up to 200 psi so it’s not

like a normal compressor that’s just pumping up to somewhere around 135 or

150 psi also the recovery time on this was not bad at all considering that it’s

kicking on at about a hundred and fifty five hundred and sixty psi and taking it

back close to 200 so there is a little bit of variation in there but it was

very easy for this unit to hold 90 psi when I was using it with different tools

now one of the tools that I seem to find that uses the most air was just one of

my little blow-off tools that blow-off tool was not a problem for it to be held

at 90 psi even while the motor was running trying to kick catch up and it

could hold 160 psi in the tank without issue while I was running that tool wide

open at 90 psi now if I bumped it up to 120 or 130 I could start to use some of the air in

the tank in the actual compressor couldn’t keep up but if you’re looking

for something portable that’s quiet 78 decibels so when you you’re plugging in

standing right next to it it’s not an issue you can work inside a house with

this without it being overly noisy job site stuff you can still talk around it

if you’re looking for something like that that is going to be oil free and

maintenance free I think you should take a look at this you might really find

something that you like especially if you need something that will fit

underneath the truck be mobile and have some nice quality wheels on it to move.

Source : DeWALT 4.5 Gallon 200 Max PSI Air Compressor

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