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High Pressure Air Compressor

I got my new compressor yesterday in the mail it’s a young hang air pump compressor I guess

it came with a lot of stuff it came with a this is a submersible

water pump that’s too cool it come with a bunch of I’m thinking these are

filters I haven’t really kind of do it yet came with a bunch of o-rings and

seals and little all these must be explosive things I’m allowed to come for

the compressor up and it came with a hose with a quick disconnect fitting on

it it’s only about 18 inches long but it’s long enough it came with this which

I think is the rubber hose that goes with the submersible pump and it came

with the cord so as you could see it’s sitting on my desk it’s not being used I

haven’t turned it on oh and also it has a temperature gauge a thermostat maybe I

don’t know you’d see it actually is active right now just sitting here

there’s the pressure gauge and this is where the hose hooks this is where the

depressurizing valve screw goes these are for the water inlet and outlet it’s

a nice little pump little is the word you could see here’s my hand and it’s

less than a hand high but hand and a half long and you can see my hand covers

the whole back of it the only problem is I ordered a 110 one and they sent me a

221 which it’s not that big of a deal I ran a 220 line into my smile room here

anyway so I’ll have it work and I need to get some pieces I need to get a plug

because this is European I’ll work on my stuff she’s gonna cut it off and put a

220 plug on the end I need to get a plug socket from my wall in a box and

it’s all wired to the breaker box I just need a few pieces so that’ll either

happen tomorrow or the next day all in all this is a really nice piece of

equipment for a hundred and seventy-eight dollars

yeah it’s Chinese I sent him a email yesterday about them sending me a 220

and compressor and what the deal was and boy they were literally within two

hours back to me from China apologetic and said that could send it back and you

know blah blah blah but you know what I’d rather have a two 21 just because it

uses a lot less electricity and yeah and the motor should run cooler on 220 he

uses less amperage so it should be a worthwhile thing I’m just gonna keep

this one I told him it was okay and they were like oh thank you thank you you

know so they’re right on the warranty now their website translated from

Chinese to English says this thing’s got a five-year warranty on it Wow I don’t

know about five years hey it’s been really good I mean it’s it’s a solid

heavy it weighs over 40 pounds so it came packaged double boxed and a really

solid secure crate there I’ve checked all the fittings everything is saw

really tight and what it’s put together really well I’m very impressed with it

so I’m gonna do after I get it working and put all together I’ll do a another

review on it and let you know how it works but from what I can see it should

work just fine I can’t imagine any problems like I said it’s a really nice

piece of equipment you put the hydraulic oil in there and it tells you it came

with an instruction manual that it could it could be better

ever translated it didn’t translate the English very well but it’s legible

and understandable I’ve got enough pictures where you can figure

so I would say overall I’m gonna give it right now a nine out of ten and we’ll

see what happens when I plug it in but like I said their customer service was

you know two and a half or three hours and they were back to me um they told me

what I could do you know and so it’s all good I’m gonna change the cord and plug

it in and charge my gun so I’ll probably get the parts tomorrow okay well I hope

you enjoy this like I said this is a hundred and seventy-eight dollars I got

it on the Walmart website from Walmart Walmart gives you a three year warranty

on it and for 20 bucks you can get a five-year warranty which I didn’t do say

if they last me three years I’ll be totally happy for a hundred bucks

and what the hell can I say anyway there it is it’s a young hang and like I said

to me I don’t think I could have done better for lessen less than $200 so there you go thanks enjoy.

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