Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor, Inflator Speed Test

Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

This explanation is going to be quick to the point this is the air dragon tire

inflator a lot of people asked me is it better than a normal tire inflator you

could buy for five dollars is it worth the twenty five dollar

premium do you pay for it if you haven’t watched my previous explanation these are the

biggest issues that I have with it it’s not battery power this is just a

compartment so you have to be plugged into the car all the time it was

something you keep in a car for emergency purposes is it gonna work yes

right out of the box had an issue the seal over here was not very very good it

has just a piece of rubber that was supposed to seal it together so I had to

add an extra oh ring once I added the o-ring that worked a lot better so since

then I’ve never really took it apart I just don’t want to have any issues with

it I just got a cranked up really good and just keep it like this most common

question that people ask me after they saw my previous explanation is that how fast

that we inflate it higher I’m gonna run a test with a cheap one and then I’m

going to give you the vertical at the end took all the air out of the tire I’m

going to set up the digital to the desired pressure 34 and let’s see how

fast is going to inflate this tire turn it on and start the fire

so just stopped at 31.5 saying fool but I’ve set it up specifically 234 so let’s

see what’s going on over here she’d set up to 34 and now he just sits at 34 now

and he doesn’t want to stop so gonna wait for it to see how long it will take

to stop its minute nine and now it says full and it stopped so at this point

I’m gonna click the trigger oh it’s pretty warm wow it’s

actually pretty warm so it stopped at nine minutes and less than ten minutes

I’m going to disconnect it from the tire this hose is also very very warm so yeah

it’s that is definitely warm you could feel it now let’s see if the pressures

any and is there any accurate so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to turn my

slime pressure tester on I’m gonna give it a try 37 I’m gonna try one more caliper just

to make sure and this one says 37 so this one says 37 so it’s more on the 37

part and more of them than the 34 part this is the user I’m replacing this is a

junker that I had in my car for quite a while cuz cracked and broken let’s give

it a try see how longer this will take to fill up a tire

this one is manual so I will have to manually watch it so I’m gonna start, right now

so this one is showing 35 psi let’s see, we have 35 psi

so I only have 28 so this dial is gauge over here after 20 minutes I only have

28 so what is a verdict as far as the air dragon goes this product it is

faster than a junky old inflator that I had before no question about it it’s

twice as fast this one is not accurate this one is not accurate the only part it is misleading as far as

this one goes is that it has to stop on itself and that is something that is

going to let you wonder how many PS eyes you have in your car but in a pickle

when you are in trouble it’s still better than the old one the part I don’t

like that is misleading about it looks like it has a better battery

compartment which it doesn’t so because it does not have a battery compartment

it is not as mobile as I thought it is is it a great tool to have in the back

of your car in case you ever need a one day absolutely is it twice as fast as

that one yes if you’re sitting in the middle of nowhere with the engine

running trying to inflate your tire the air dragon will do it a lot faster

quality wise it feels like it could be better I don’t think that I’ve done a

very very good job on the quality I also think that they were very very

misleading the way that they designed it with kind of like a battery looking at

the bottom when there are products on the market that they have the battery

right at the bottom also I think that it’s a little bit complicated to use

because there is a combination between setting up this dial and this little on

and off button over here so never really understood what was the point of that

also has a lock button for the button but I’m not sure why why would you have

a lock button for the photo for the button when it’s a click button the LED

light over here yes is useful when it’s dark at night but I don’t think that

that’s the selling point so is it worth the $29 is this a good as

I make it sound and then you see it on TV the truth is the verdict is no but is

it good to have in your car well any compressor is good to have in the car so

if you’re gonna be in the middle of nowhere if you’re gonna have that one or

that this one you’re gonna be very very thankful than one of them you play your

tire at the end of the day if you’ll have to go and spend the money for one

this not a bad product but I would do prefer the ryobi battery-powered one that you

could find in the store the 18-volt one unfortunately that one has its downfalls

if you run out of battery and you could have be in trouble and you cannot

inflate your tire so in a way they had to make this compromises that way I wish

they would have made it a little a little bit more compact package like

this with a little bit of a longer hose like this I think it would have worked a lot better.

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