Air Compressor Tools And Tanks Review

Air Compressor Tools

Hey everybody so here’s a look at airbrushes compressors and air tanks

it’s just a quick look I’ll do some more really soon

this is what I first started off with one hundred and twenty dollar

combination deal one airbrush one tank problem with this tank is it only ever

got up to 30 psi and I couldn’t adjust the pressure on top of that so when the

airbrush was used it go from 30 down to 17 level out filled back up again so it

just wasn’t really convenient or handy I switched over to this thing a long while

ago and basically hooking this up means that the 30 psi this puts out even

though this takes 120 it could only ever get up to 30 so I’d have to take it to

the gas station to fill up and that was like a dollar per fill and most recently

the valve for that just basically broke unfortunately let me go check on the

part so yeah unfortunately so it just started slow leaking all the time even

if it was totally shut down then the other problem here is that I suspect

some water or some literature from the air that’s been trapped in here over the

years it’s kind of rusted parts out because this entire connection here is

just no good anymore a little bit of a turn this would completely fall out half

a turn and it’s totally sealed so the tank itself still seems to be good but

this stuff is just so I wouldn’t be surprised that the bottom piece is

welded in there it just won’t get loose whatsoever so there’s no way for me to

take that apart and pull it a fix it replace it so I stepped up to this here

just got it yesterday I’ve been pulling all the stickers off of this tank to put

them on to this one here and I had just put those on and a week later this thing

decided to die unfortunately so it’s the same basic setup is this compressor here

but this one goes up to 100 PS I the tank itself I don’t know how many

gallons ahold but basically it will well take up to a hundred and PSI overall it

has a shutoff at 60 so when the tank fills up to that point and then turn on

at 35 so when the pressure drops below 35 psi the compressor takes on let’s

take a look at the different sounds first of all the air tank that’s right

totally silent when it’s in operation I could get about 30 40 minutes of use out

of that tank, this little guy here I’ve got a little bit of volume to it this one here that

isn’t that nice definitely significantly quieter least on the high end this has a

really good muffler built into it basically. Right now we’re coming up 20 psi I’m

gonna let this fill up to 60 that’s it, so we got 60 psi and I don’t know how

much in there actually for storage but now we can go start using the airbrush

all over the place that I can probably get about

that’s about 20 seconds to continuous use which is highly unlikely so maybe a

few times an hour this thing is going to power on until it kicks back up to 60

again and it should shut off any second now so initially before I got this I went

over to a place like Home Depot tried three different compressors all in the

hundred dollar range and some of them actually shook the floor

some of them rattled windows and they were all excessively loud so I returned

all those and just went back to this it’s basically a 130 bucks on eBay 160

shipped a really good deal and I’m gonna like it a lot I think so I’ll be using

this over the next few days now that I’ve got it I damn well better at least.

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