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Air Compressor Tank

What’s up folks welcome back dater to garage I just got a request to show how I did my on Villere

tank setup for my Harbor Freight air compressor so I’m just going to give you

a quick overview it’s really simple really cheap other than the air tank and

it’s definitely a great addition because I run out of air a lot slower with this

bigger tank attached to my air compressor it does take a while to fill

because this compressor isn’t particularly fast but once it’s filled

up at least I don’t run out of power when I’m using it so basically all that

you need to buy to actually make this work is a hose to go in between the

Harbor Freight compressor and your auxiliary air tank and then any

attachments you’re going to need to make this work so what I needed in my case

was I believe it’s either a 5/16 or a 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch adapter then I just

got a 3/8 inch NPT tee fitting and from there I got a ball valve just so that I

can shut this tank off if I need to and I got another regulator from Harbor

Freight which there’s only a few dollars and then just another coupler so let me

show you what this it looks like without any air hoses attached so this is the

entire setup I basically got a tee fitting a ball valve which was a few

dollars and then just a male NPT fitting and then on this side I just have a

female to female coupler to the regulator and then the connector so this

total setup is probably only maybe I would guess probably 5 bucks for these

couplers you know a couple dollars for the fittings 5 bucks for this and then

another five for this to less than $20 to get this set up you could probably do

it even cheaper if you had some stuff laying around of course this air tank I

got for free essentially because we already had it I’ve had a hole in the

bottom it was slowly leaking it does still ever so slowly seep out air but no

problem that definitely isn’t enough to make the compressor go on anytime it

takes days to to go out so basically once you have this set up I just wanted

an air regulator going out obviously so I can send the proper amount of power to

my tools keep it regulated 90 psi and then have the standard

fittings that I can plug in my hose to that or the normal Harbor Freight

compressor and then I have a male fitting going in so that I can plug in a

normal air line from my compressor into this the only problem with that is you

do need a shutoff valve because if you leave it open you get air out of it

obviously so that’s just nice and then the other good thing is I could move

this tank if I wanted with air in it and still use it until it ran out of

pressure on this side it would be ideal to actually put the regulator out and

have a tee fitting off this so that Ican plug it into the tank and have the

full pressure of this because as of right now it gets fed by the regulator

on this so this is only set to 80 psi this tank will only get filled to 80 psi

so I have to turn this up to make sure it’s feeding this tank quickly so I can

get the full 90 psi out of this but yeah so really simple setup just post from

your Harbor Freight compressor go into a tee fitting on this tank which then goes

out to a regulator and a normal coupler basically just turns that 21 gallon tank

into I would guess that that’s probably a I don’t know another 23 or 25 gallon

tank so I basically end up with over 40 gallons instead of just 21 thanks for

watching everybody I hope this was helpful if you want to do a similar

setup if you need me links to products or anything like that or any advice let

me know I’m not an expert on air tools but this was pretty simple and somebody

asked so I figured I’d show you by the way I just want to mention real quick

for anyone considering buying this air compressor out there the 21 gallon from

Harbor Freight or any of the cheaper Harbor Freight air compressors really I

honestly don’t highly recommend them for the price they are good but mine does

not work amazing in the cold especially if you have it on an extension cord

although that’s not entirely the compressors fault but I just don’t think

it has the strongest start up capacity and it also only goes to 125 psi which

is pretty normal but a lot of compressors nowaday can do 135 150 165

or even 175 and that just gives you a lot longer running time plus more power

if you need it and so honestly if I was going to do it again I paid 150 for this

with a coup pawn and I believe I got it on free shipping even though it came freight

there was some deal there but instead of getting this shipped or having to find a

Harbor Freight I would honestly recommend going to Lowe’s Home Depot or

Sears and buying one of their compressors when they’re on sale so

sometimes they’re 150 or 175 psi air compressors are on sale for only 150

bucks like the same price as this compressor and then they’re at Lowe’s or

Home Depot so you have that store right there if anything goes wrong with it

just make sure you go online and look at reviews for whatever compressor you’re

considering look thoroughly through reviews some of them are complete crap

some of them are really good I would also recommend getting an oilless and

really spending a little extra money on a compressor is worth it because the

refill time and the noise are so much better on a slightly more expensive

compressor so do your research look for reviews this isn’t a terrible option but

it’s not the best option look around and I would maybe recommend something else.

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