Air Compressor Motor Not Working

Air Compressor Motor

Had a five horsepower Baldor motor that it’s just humming so I’m gonna open it

up and see if maybe it burnt out or the high speed switch is just stuck so I’m

trying to take the back part of it off first and there’s four bolts or four nuts that

you get to take off and it’s a 7/16 7/16 so that I used to take it off so now I’m

going to pull the back cover off and see what’s going on so I got it split open

all that I did was they put a flathead screwdriver on the edge then I hid the

screw at the flat rubber with the rubber mallet trying to separator all the way

through okay so I got the motor split open there’s a lot of grease in there

but I don’t know if you can see it looks like this one is working correctly

because this here would push up against this so the motor would start and then

as it gets to the high speed this piece should get sucked in and then these

should come up but this one is stuck down it looks like maybe it slipped over

and got bent so I’m gonna try to crimp it right here bend it a little bit so

that it’s coming up so that then it’s getting pushed up from that switch it’s

gonna push down and then it’ll come up on its own I’m gonna clean up some of

this grease it’s in here there is quite a bit of grease so I’m gonna clean all

that up and then we’ll be right back okay so I went ahead and cleaned up some

of the grease I’m gonna grease it back up and all that grease was kind of old I

was all like solid now it wasn’t it didn’t even feel like grease so I’m

gonna go ahead and stand down or not stand down but like polish the the

contacts that are right here and the other ones over here I went ahead and I

already bent this piece so that it comes up on its own

so I’m gonna polish the inside as well if you guys can see it’s a little

charred up in there so we’re gonna polish that piece up on right there on

the on the bottom of it and also on the top of it okay so that’s where we’re at

right now, okay so I got them contacts back in you can see now it goes they go down on

their own come up on their own we’re not down on their own you come up on their

own this is not binding at all so I’m hoping that this will fix it and put it

all back together now I’m gonna grease it up and then I’m gonna try to stop

connected and start it if that’s not it then everything in here looks pretty

good nothing looks burnt I mean there’s obviously there’s grease on here but

nothing looks burnt you can still see all the copper looks fine everywhere

that I can tell the only other thing that it could be would be one of the

starter the starters that are up here so if that’s what it is then uh if it did

it this didn’t fix it then I will go ahead and take it apart and test them

and see what the problem might be okay so we got it all back together I would

probably suggest that you making marks and we’re up here cuz it was kind of

hard getting it all to you know fit into place but uh we got it so now we’re just

gonna grease it and see how it goes okay so this is a grease gun this whole piece

right here so I figured maybe a lot of you guys don’t know how to use a grease

gun but there’s this piece right here that you pull out and then there’s a

notch right there so you hold that there and then you take this lid off

Oh slide it in there hit okay now pull that off and you pull this

little tab off scrape it on okay grab this piece

just it twisting it so it’s nice and tight okay hold up let it in push it okay I’m gonna

start pumping it yeah like that

okay guys so I was greasing this and the little grease nipple got stuck and I

pulled it up to a little too hard and it came off but luckily this piece still

here had enough thread so I went ahead and we threaded it in there and

everything seems to be okay I gave it three three pumps and I also did the

piece in the front so now I’m gonna plug it in and see if it’ll start well we

went ahead and started it but it does not start you could hear it hear humming

so now I’m gonna stay I’m gonna test the the capacitors that are inside here and

see if if that’ll work and if that doesn’t work I’m just trying to save some money

I don’t want it buy another one there $600 we do have a company here in Denver Colorado

that will rebuild them so if push comes to shove I’ll just call them up and see

what the cost would be to rebuild this motor well here’s the capacitors I don’t

know if you guys can tell but there seems to be moist sure in here I’m not

sure where all that came from I’m gonna go ahead and clean these up and see

which one’s the starter motor or the starter capacitor and and I’ll go ahead

and check it I might have to check all of them gonna go from there

see all that that moisture there so maybe it’ll just be as easy as

getting a bunch of capacitors you.

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