Air Compressor Harbor Freight 21 Gallon Vertical Review Unboxing

Air Compressor Harbor Freight

I’m going to do an unboxing assembly and we’ll get the

thing running and we’ll see what it does alright just for some quick specs you

can look online for this it’s easy to find 21 gallon 125 maximum working

pressure says two and a half horse what I really needed was cubic feet this one

has five point eight cubic feet at 40 psi four point seven cubic feet at 90

psi 120 volts so that’s why I bought it was for the cubic feet per minute I

think that little pancake mower or compressor was putting out like point six or something

so hopefully that’ll be enough to do the light weight same blasting that I’m

gonna do let me go go into the cost details this compressors listed regular

price to nineteen it was on sale at the moment for 179 something like that but I

was able to find this coupon for one $49.99 so I think that’s a heck of a

deal I know it’s not the highest quality compressed in the world this coupon is

good till November 1st of 2014 so if you’d like to use it the numbers right

there you go ahead and look at it alright let’s open this up so I got

inside should I think when I open this room by the raft thing you do

cause I’m ap Andaluz zooming of the pieces there’s the other piece in the back we

have the other other pieces let me get organized and I’ll come back

I came with the breast royality for assembly we basically have three steps

we need to attach the wheels and the bumpers to the bottom of the frame we

have an air intake filter to apply her to install and then the the handle to

install so I’m going to go ahead and tackle those wheels there’s two shapes

on the bottom one is a squared edge here and then one just comes down at an angle

I won’t go I won’t spin it around the squared edge has the holes on the side

that’s where the wheels are going to go wheels have an attachment bolt takes a

14 millimeter socket bolts are going to come from the outside through the wheel

first and then into the hole on the side lock nut or lock washer

and without letting tip over this finger snared after now 1 over Tippin

clockwise you’re not doot-doot-doot easygeeze crescent wrench to hold the

outside I have a whole lot of box wrenches type it’s got its own stop

none now the bumpers all right the bumpers take 14 millimeter

socket wash your lock nut or lock washer took this up set that bumper in there

like that put a washer finger snug that the other one all right so I’ll eat it

background the styrofoam yeah it’s just rubber so we don’t want

to go too tight with it you can go over here is all there is to that there we go

bottoms done and put the handle on I guess we’ll do the the unveiling of the

beautiful thing here we go what she looks like under the cover

go back here, some allen wrenches for that so I’ll get my elements all right there’s no holes

or anything in the handle so this is just a compression kind of squeeze type

scenario screws out a number five metric seems to be the allen wrench of choice

got those allen screws back that will slide this hand handling just fine it

about even with the bottom take choice is yours will bring these things in a

little bit more than snug that’s good and there you have it handling wheels

done pretty solid pretty sturdy I like it when we got left we have here four so

if we could spread it right into the head palm of the hand play fit enough but

just in case we had a little bit of vibration for the crescent wrench on

the chair just a lot like that let me have that hold down I say twisting the

cap I’m able to replace the filter if I want to also I can go ahead and

reposition that bottom home to be down so that’s dirt and stuff falls out of it

okay that’s it that’s all the assembly makes it makes for an easy easy easy

project this checker is ready to rock roll I’m going to go ahead and read the

instructions we’ll talk about the burhan break-in cycle that new compressor needs

lots got to put some oil in there to a next page of the book checking the oil

check the oil level before operating so there’s going to be a site window on on

the side we’re going to see what the oil is now you said it did come with oil I

didn’t think it did so I bought some more we’ve got plenty of that’s that’s

what we need to do though all right let’s check that’s like my friends it’s

a sat window and ain’t no oil in it so we’re going to get a funnel out and put

some Arlen alrighty so remove the oil cap drop it on the ground

ding dang it Ethel ok breather like I said it did come with little jar of

compressor oil get a funnel up there and hopefully make this neat

and we will for dramatic effect zoom in on that ad compressor oil bubble you

guys tell me when I agree yeah now there’s a little bit

left in the bottle so it took almost the whole bottle it says to let it sit for a

couple minutes so we’re going to go ahead and let it sit and then once I run

and I’m going to check that oil again quickly because it’s going to be a lot

of ports and channels in the engine that the oil needs to flow into so that’s

where we’ll start right there I like I mentioned earlier there is a break in a

process you need to do set the on/off to off and make sure the unit’s unplug it

wants you to insert a mail coupler into the exhaust port so that basically

there’s no there’s no pressure going to be built up it’s going to exhaust into

the air plug in the power cord set the power to on and let it run for 30

minutes and we’ll just let the air blow out for 30 minutes half an hour so let

me get everything in the right spot and we will get it started I follow the

instructions trying to find the on/off switch guess what it’s hidden behind

this tape wasn’t very hard to figure that out but it makes you stop here and

says stop make sure you put the oil on first which is really good so we’re good

to go nice ugly adhesive old and my compressor that I didn’t really

and Oh Otto I’m going to turn that thing off in addition to that male connector

focus I’m going to pour that in all right you know what it didn’t do

didn’t say anything about the petcock on the bottom which is interesting hope the

world gauge that we’re off plug this into a 12-gauge cord and here

we go ready first startup Harbor Freight material will it blow up right away and

we’ll give it a run and see how it goes all right that’s its 30-minute burning

cycle and you do that to likely ringing seat and make sure everything is working

well with the oil without a being under pressure that foam time gives you a good

chance to redress the manual reading the manual the next step use to go ahead and

start using it now we’ll pull the vent off and let it build up to full pressure

and we’ll hook it up and see how it works hopefully it’s got enough cubic feet per

minute to to run this little sandblasting underneath

all right about four and a half minutes to bring it up to pressure from an empty

tank not bad at all let’s see how it does I have to excuse my homemade blast

chamber but it’ll do for now I needed the compressor more than I needed the

box so there’s an ugly old piece that has been forged out on a last winter

actually so it’s kind of rusty and and dirty from the forging and we’ll give it

a go what I’m really interested in is to see how far I can go with it before the

compressor kicks in so here we go let me get this in frame for you so you

can see it it’s actually doing a good job not bad at all shoot I’m doomed

we keep up pretty good right after working that one piece it

took about a minute or so de may be loud save 45 seconds or so to pressurize up

again mm so what’s my birth at this point of course I can’t really tell you

but the assembly easy the product I think it puts out enough air for what I

need for the price I mean of course 10 cubic feet per minute would would be

much better but I can’t afford that and I don’t necessarily need that the pieces

I’m working on are small I’m not going to be sitting there running the the

sandblaster for hours at a time I think we’re going to be ok with this one I

give it a thumbs up at this point and if anything changes from that I’ll

go ahead and post another video and let you know what I think but I think it

works pretty well definitely better than my little pancake

air compressor Harbor Freight $49.

Source : Harbor Freight 21 Gallon Vertical Compressor Review Unboxing

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