Air Compressor Fittings Discussion

Air Compressor Fittings

Hey guys in the fast lane here this explanation we’re going to be talking about

hose fittings for your air compressor there’s a couple different types and

it’s going to go over a real quick okay so here’s pretty much what I’ve been

using and this right here they call this one a commercial nipple and then here’s

another nipple and it’s a little bit fatter right here and it actually has a

straighter body unlike this one and they call this one the mechanical I guess

because it swivels better and it doesn’t you got bigger you know air guns to

where you know you’re jerking them around and it just gets a better grip on

the coupler well even the coupler is different this is a mechanical coupler

and if you look at the original one right here this one right here is the

commercial one and they have in color code they have red yellow and they might

have one more color I wasn’t really paying attention but as you can see here

it doesn’t fit you see how it doesn’t want to close but when I hook it up to

the regular commercial one just clips right in but you get a lot more play and

overtime it leaks a lot around there and I’ve been replaced and I’m like crazy

because there’s not much of a lip on there like there is on the mechanical

one so that’s what you want to do here’s a better shot of it here’s the McAra

commercial one and here’s the mechanical one you can see how much fatter it

doesn’t even have a longer lip so here’s the mechanical coupler and it goes right

in there well it should go right in there there we go and it’s like a super

lock I mean then you pull it and actually from what I’ve seen it actually

shoots it shoots it out unlike this one it doesn’t shoot it or nothing you kind

of need that little bit of shot out so when you got heavier guns see it doesn’t shoot

this one it just kind of lets go but anyhow so that’s the difference they

have they have a couple different colors like I was saying green red and yellow I

think they might have green I’m not sure if they had green but I know I saw the

yellow and red and the yellow is the mechanical and the red is the commercial

so I got to change all mine out to mechanical and the nipples also both

coupler and nipple another thing is if you can’t find any plumber’s tape you

know to put on threads of these quarter-inch fittings you just get some hard TV some

gray or whatever and just wrap it around the thread I’m actually just going to

poke a hole because this thing’s seen it’s date hey just you know squeeze a

little bit out kind of run around the thread and then you can tighten it from

there never leaks now a lot of people don’t use this only because it’s messy

when you take it off but what are the chances you’re going to take it off

except for right now obviously because I get the wrong fittings on there but just

you know put the threads on there and tighten them up it’ll probably actually

last longer and use a little bit higher pressure than the actual plumber’s tape

itself so that’s what I like to do and then just tighten them down and you’re

pretty much good to go and instead of buying a new hose I just took the nipple

out of the original one that they had press fitted on there and shaved it off

you can actually buy a nipple but let me show you what it actually looks like so

as you can see right here this is the original hose and what happens when it

breaks like right there you see it starting to crack it’s pretty much like

oh we got to get a whole new hose well that’s not true

you just this is the nipple right in here as you can see and it’s this piece

and I took this little rivet part right here out and if you cut it all around

the hose you can cut this off this piece and all that does is sit right there and

then I shaved the ends off just so I could get this and I got

myself a barbed nipple to screw in here so I didn’t even buy anything

nipple wise and then you cut the hose back a little bit and put it back in

there and you can use this hose forever I mean this is some good hose it looks

like it’s at least one or two ply meaning the fibers in there they call

that apply same thing with couplings on intercooler piping and stuff but yeah

this is a pretty good hose and it’d be a shame if you know once it leaked right

there you crack it but so all I do is I just get a just a little circle clamp

you know a little hose clamp and I put it on there like that and then I just

run my hose clamp up and tighten it down and I’ve used them for years and years

like that with no problems so here’s the finished product as you can see you got

your hose clamp barbs in there and you take your gun and this will be the gun

I’ll screw this on here take this old one off put it on there like that and

that’s it you get yourself a nice hose clamp hope you guys enjoyed this explanation.

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