Air Compressor Filter Replacement

Air Compressor Filter

Alright today just got a short explain a type of air filters on an air

compressor you see various types here you may be able to just see something

like this and recognize it right away something is very popular on the air

compressor like your canister style air filter these are a little more specific

to a certain model but we have various air filters here this is something

you’re going to want to replace if you’re say contractor use your

compressor day-in day-out you don’t want to replace this say every three to four

months ideally and change the oil so just like you would with a car

I say for heavy use compressor every three to four months or so but dirty

inlet filter is going to destroy valves gaskets so get all kinds of debris and

chunk in the line and it will cause all sorts of problems so to prevent all that

headache down the road definitely keep a clean air filter and recommend buying

more than one, we also discount these by quantity as well if you were more than one so it’s

kind of incentive but it’s a very good item to have a couple on on hand so we

have chemistry style filter we call this wall canister hockey puck style filter

because it’s a twist lock style so you twist this off and it can be kind of a

pain because it has a rubber flange squeeze it on there pretty tight so it

can be kind of a pain to take off but once you do you’ll see a filter just

like this we sell the whole assembly which is the base with the thread and

the cover and the filter element assembly basically we also sell the

element separately so just be like a number-10 filter we call it and this be

a number 6 filter and for so obviously higher the number the larger the filter

but certainly something you want to keep clean a lot of times you get carbon

buildup what-have-you however dirty the environment is you know if you’re

working to shop you know we’re a lot shop so as you’re cutting wood you get a

lot of dust in there and certainly something you want to look at replacing

regularly but this is a twist lock style we call it so you can buy the whole

assembly or again just the elements these are simply smaller you know

compressor with lower CFM lower output you can use a smaller type of filters

just a you know same style just a smaller version and the thread size just

one thing to note about this thread size on this how to measure it make sure you

get the right filter to fit your compressor head you’re going to measure

the outside diameter of this filter so outside the outside this measures

three-quarter inches so you’re going to take a quarter inch off of that subtract

the quarter inch off the outside diameter 3/4 inch outside equals 1/2

inch npt male pipe thread so we have a half inch NPT size here is the same

style just really small filter used on a small portable hand carry compressor

that’s a 3/8 filter 3/8 thread and of course the filter element for that some

compressors smaller portable units use smaller filters like this which are

plastic and they don’t have replaceable elements inside it’s like a foam element

inside basically that’s our three essential plastic filter very popular

style and the hole here is the intake for the air this case you’re wondering

that’s a suction for the filter this is a smartstart filter we call it basically

this is a nice little filter design it’s a like a typical filter except if it’s

negative pressure on the pump head so it’s actually really helpful in cold

weather conditions where a compressor is difficulty starting this is called a

smartstart air filter and you’ll see that on our website if you look at their

smart start filters under air compressor components by part click on air filters

and you’ll see this they’re really handy for smaller compressors that are higher

amperage cold weather conditions and this is a policy a filter call it and

this is used on a lot of stationary units larger output pumps and two-stage compressors

we do sell the individual filter elements for this as well but once you

take the cover off see you kind of like an automotive filter now here’s your

tube here for the intake and you just pop this guy off and has your you know

of course wire mesh around it and your paper filament so it’s a hollow style

filter element and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes on our website you can

check that out as well but very efficient and of course a lot of

stationery you just use that for again higher output pumps and these are some

more specific style air filters that we have this is one use on a very popular

two-stage pump RB 5900 pump yes again it’s got a kind of a kind of mesh

material in their element and this is a plastic again it’s just held to the pump

head by two bolts to two head bolts fasten it to the intake of the head this

is just a smaller version of that it’s got again a little foam element in

there and two bolts attaching the head this is for b49 air pump probably two of

our most popular sellers on our website.

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