Air Compressor Dryer and Filtration Installation

Air Compressor Dryer

I’m going to be working on the compressed air system in the shop today

what was happening was we’re getting moisture carried over into our paint gun

when we’re trying to do some priming and we don’t want that so plus we don’t

really want to be running moisture through all our power tools anyway so

I’m going to add a dryer and some filtration to the system before we get

into that I’m just going to show you what I got right now is out of the

compressor the flexible line and then basically in parallels copper pipe here

goes to 200 gallons or the receiving capacity and then after all that there’s

the regulator the regulator has a built in like centered bronze filter

and it gets some of the moisture out but it definitely does not get all of it out

I’m going to add this dryer here as Atlas Copco fx4 and apparently it’s a

little bit oversized for my compressor but I did some checking and that’s going

to be okay, and I got this for a fraction of the original cost off eBay and it appears to

be in pretty good shape I’ve already built a bypass manifold for the back of

it in case I don’t want to use it or run the air through it and I got this idea

off Atlas Copco website really this whole drying and filtration system

layout I got off their website I’m going to add a 1 micron pre-filter in a point

one micron pulse filter actually like the ingress or and filter is a little

bit better than the Alice Copco ones they like a dual gauge setup for

pressure drop and efficiency and the main reason I got this is for the 3/4

inch pipe thread if ever want to upgrade my compressor these filters can handle

more one thing I did with this manifolds I put unions on it right off the dryer

that way you can remove it there’ll be a union either end of it as well so you

could take the dryer out splice a pipe in there if you wanted to eliminate

it or replace it the striker comes with an automatic drain as they probably all

do so I’ve done a little pre work here my plan is to run the air line through

both these receiving tanks in series and basically this is going to be a wet tank

error and the compressor and these two are going to be dry tanks but I’m gonna

run the air through both slowly Moisture will have more of a chance to condense

and I drop to the bottom of the tanks and I’ve already added a line on the

back side of these tanks to do that I’m also going to get rid of some more of

this PVC I don’t think I may use that frame or my airlines in the future I’m

getting ready to install my first filter and you can see there’s a direction of

flow and these filters depend what way you need it you can position in either direction

the brass floating here for draining the water not sure that works yet I think

it’s going to work automatically 100{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} and we’ll take a look at the element and

there’s the element and it’s the same body for my point zero one micron filter

not sure if I misspoke earlier just a different element inside of it so far

we’ve got our rubber hose isolate the piping from vibrations or one micron

filter plumb to the manifold on our dryer push this compressor back in and

I’ll finish the rest of the piping here’s the finished product my receiving

tanks are full now and compressor is running on this nitric the suppressor so

we’re going to shut off or not with the fans cycling out off go into our one micron filter

your dryer from our driver, this one to our first receiving team and

up on the back side to our second receiving tank out letting the glue

joint dry still so I haven’t pressurize rest.this then it goes to our point zero

one micron filter and then to our regulator and then that goes to the

garage lines because I’m at the wait to see if this thing uh discharges some

water at some point see if it’s actually even working but there’s a lot of heat

coming off it so I think it probably is I guess the future will tell if we get

moisture in these receiving tanks also this file when you see a little bit of

moisture before I changed up the setup here almost seems to me like the fans

short cycling on this but I’m no air conditioning expert well that’s about it

for the dryer and filter installation explanation now to put it to the test of time

and see how dry the air is especially next time we’re painting.

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