Actron OBD2 Scanner CP9690 Tool Review

Actron OBD2 Scanner

I’m Brian Esther for how to automotive, and this is the CP9690 made by Actron

so as you know on my channel I like to provide good quality tools for you guys

and recommend good quality products and so I wanted to find a good quality scan

tool for you guys they didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars so I went on a

search I did a little search and I grant across the act Ron and I borrowed an act

Ron before and I’ve used it and I liked it so in my research I found out that

the act Ron’s are affiliated with Bosh so I have a working relationship with

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Bosh so I contacted them and I asked them to send me one and they sent me one

so this video is sponsored by Bosh and so I like to thank them for for coming

on board and helping me out with the scan tool so I’m gonna show you what

this little scan tool can do for you why I think you should have this in your box

I think every automotive technician should have a Lisa code reader and save

so much time and if you’re a DIY guy you’re also going to need a code reader

for sure to help you you know figure your car out in the next few Clips I’m

gonna walk you through some of the paces of what this scan tool can do for you

why I think it’ll benefit you and why I chose this over some of the other scan

tools out there and I hope you enjoy so when you get your scan tool it’s gonna

come in a little carry case like this and the inside there is gonna be the

scan tool itself a data link connector cable here and then it’s gonna come with

the the most common one you’re gonna probably use it for is the obd2 global

data link connector so it also is also going to come with a

connectors for a Chrysler GM Toyota it comes with two different style Toyota

connectors and a Ford so I wanted to show these in action with the scan tool

but unfortunately I just don’t see these cars so now I’m gonna hook this up to a

few cars and show you what it can do so I’m going to hook up the actRon CP9692

this car here and show you some of the cool features it has so

you’re going to find the obd2 connector plug it in and turn the key on so now I

have the scanner hooked up to the car I’m going to go into diagnostic mode and

push enter and it’s going to ask for auto ID it also has the option of

storing a few cars that you’ve worked on previously so this is a garage they call

it and the my garage is full in this case because I’ve worked on a few cars

so if the vehicle you’re working on is newer than 2001 it has an option for

auto ID not all cars to support it will try this one right here see how it works

out so the tool is going to tell you to turn the key on hook up the global obd2 connector and

you’re just going to follow the prompts on the screen as an auto IDs so on this

car it came up does not support auto ID which you’ll occasionally run across

it’s not the scan tool it’s the car so it’s gonna ask if you want to proceed

with manual ID you’re gonna scroll over to the yes and hit enter so now the scanner is gonna

ask you if it’s a u.s. Asian or European car so this is a asian car so we scroll

down the asian hit enter then it’s gonna ask you if it’s a car or truck so you’ll

select whatever that is this is an Acura MDX so it’s a truck chassis so it will

put truck and then what didn’t it’s gonna ask you what the tenth digit is on

the VIN number so you enter that so now you’re just gonna scroll through and

enter in whatever the VIN numbers is whatever the tool asks you so it’s gonna

ask you some basic questions about the car you’re working on you just enter

fill that in so once you finish answering all the questions it’s gonna

do a scan so it’s gonna scan your transmission engine your abs your airbag

and that’s what I like about this scan tool is a lot of little code readers

won’t read ABS and airbag in this one will the tool is also capable of

clearing abs and airbags lights on some cars when you install a new battery

it requires programming of the battery and this tool will also do that you can

reset maintenance lights on BMW GM Ford and Hyundai when you’re looking at light

data it has the ability to do grafting also so I’m excited to show you some of

my favorite features that this tool will do and how I think they will help you

out so make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video so after it scans all the systems

your codes will pop up you have this push enter and didn’t know you build a

scroll and tell if it’s a current code or a pending code or history code so now

I want to show you what the auto IDU feature looks like so I got it hooked up

to a new car here I’m just gonna push vehicle Diagnostics it’s gonna start

away and as yours it’s gonna follow the prompts in the screen so you hit do you

want to auto ID and just follow the prompts on the screen after a few

seconds so it will ask you if this is the vehicle that you’re working on in

this case I’m working on a Volkswagen here and this is it is correct or not so

I enter yes now the scanner is gonna run through all the ABS airbag engine

transmission modules and pull up any of the codes if it’s stored in there so one

of the first thing it’s gonna pop up is the IMS readiness monitor test in this

case it says they have run and there are all completed so we’re gonna press ENTER

and and see what the codes are so now it’s scanning for the codes so as you

can see here this vehicle has two airbag codes and it also has engine codes so

we’ll scroll through all the codes here and I’ll show you a cool little feature

if you look at the very bottom corner it’s blue highlighted it says confirmed

that means that that’s a hard code if it’s a pending code it’ll say pending

right there so the next code that pops up as a pending code as you can see

there now this next code is an airbag code and this is active that means it’s

actively turned on the mill now this next feature is really cool when you get

to a code that you want to know a little bit more about you hit the code connect

button so it’s in the right-hand corner here so you push code connect and now it

gives you tips on any known problems or fixes for that particular code and

there’s millions of these code tips stored in this available and stored in

this scan tool for all kinds of codes another handy feature is this tool has

the ability to check charging systems so on the main menu screen you scroll down

to special functions hit enter and you can scroll down to a charging system

monitor monitor you’ll hit enter and then you’ll follow the prompts on the

screen it’ll have you start the vehicle and once the vehicle starts it’ll tell

you the starter voltage drop it will talk to tell you if these charging system is

charging so as you can see here the initial battery was at eleven point

seven volts when it cranked it had dropped down to seven and a half volts

and out now it’s charging at fourteen point one the key has been on for a

while that’s why the low voltage voltage but you can see how that would be handy

so this next feature is one of my favorite features we’re gonna put it in

monitor check modes so after a repair you want to confirm your repairs by

seeing you if the monitors have run so one of the best ways to confirm your

repair is by putting it in drive cycle mode so as you can see not all the

monitors have run on this vehicle so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put

it and monitor check mode so it’s gonna read all the codes off okay so there’s

no codes in the car at all we’re gonna put it in special function so we’re

gonna scroll down let’s see if I can get this summary let’s see this so I’m gonna

scroll down to special function global over t2 functions so we’re gonna hit yes

and we’re gonna put it in dry cycle so now it’s constantly checking all the

monitor all the systems here and as we drive this vehicle down the road and

then the computer runs the monitor it’ll check it off or remove it so we have

four monitors that have not completed so we’re gonna start this vehicle and

we’re gonna go for a test drive so I won’t be able to look at the screen and

drive at the same time but hopefully you guys can see this

okay so we’re going out for a little test drive and we’ll see what happens

here and as one runs it’ll actually disappear from the screen so right now

we have four monitors that have not run yeah we have low gas so that may affect

our monitor running situation here but we’ll see what happens if I can make it

around the block real quick you can always look up the criteria for getting

the monitors to run and try to drive it no situations a lot of times they

require free a little bit of freeway driving you’re driving at certain speeds

for a certain amount of time a certain amount of deceleration time all kinds of

stuff so and for sure I’m not gonna get the evap monitor to run just on this trip

maybe we get the oxygen sensor so this is not making the monitors run this is

just monitoring the system as as the it’s constantly updating so you say you

know if the monitor has run it may not run due to his car being lower caste is

one of the criterias to get monitors to run is having a certain amount of gas in

the vehicle as you can see one of them has disappeared so as we keep driving in

they keep and the monitors keep running they’ll keep disappearing until you have

nothing left on the screen and you know you’re good so we’ll see if we can drive

a little bit longer see if we can get one of these, I doubted the cat or the evap will run

but maybe the oxygen sister so I had shut the camera off for a second there

but I did another one of the monitors run but I’m sure these two are not going

to run due to the car being lower gas since the monitor didn’t run on our test

drive I’m a back out and go back to Diagnostics some back out to diagnostic

codes you know read codes we’re going to go to the engine since I did some engine

work and we’re gonna see what happened to see if there’s any pending codes or

anything no codes found let’s see yeah there’s no codes no opinion cuz

it’ll pop up ending codes if there was a problem so this is the CP9690.

Source : How to Automotive’s Tool Review of the Actron CP9690 Scan Tool

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