2 Best Industrial Air Compressor Review

Industrial Air Compressor

You’ve got a tough job to do so get a compressor that’s up for the challenge

with the industrial air 20 gallon portable air compressor running at 1.9

horsepower and delivery 7s CFM and 40 psi and 5.7 SCFM at 90 psi this

compressor features an impressive 155 max PSI providing excellent air tool

performance no matter where the job leads you take this portable compressor

with you thanks to its convenient handle and pneumatic tires providing higher

performance than a standard direct drive unit this beltran twin cylinder

cast-iron pump runs at a low rpm for durability and is oil lubricated for

quieter operation in long life the industrial air 20-gallon air compressor

designed to perform built to last.

Industrial Air Machine 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Industrial Air Compressor

I’m going to do a review on an air compressor that

I got about months ago it’s it’s a industrial air machine it’s made by

power mate it’s a sixty gallon three six three three and a half horse single

stage take you over and let me show you what I did so there’s the compressor

temporarily until I get the air system in here just have a 40 micron air and

water colossal filter and then a regulator it’s got its 3/8 and these are

half-inch like an adapter there and then down at the bottom I put in a valve and

a little bit of pipe because it was a real pain to unscrew the little drain

thing that they have you know this thing anyway it’s a good it’s a good unit it

takes 15 amps I wired it to a 240 that’s a 30 amp outlet over there so it’s got

plenty of power the only complaint that I have about this thing is that it gets

hot it this thing probably just ran at about a minute ago

one two wears a little under 150 is where it stops or so the gauge says and

it just gets hot these compressor these sixty gallon

single stage compressors are they really need an after cooler like really bad

because this tank is hot and if I run it like this my regulators and my my

filters will get really really hot hot to the point that this thing was making

some sort of squealing noise there was that hot this thing was like burning to

the touch I was running a an air grinder off of it

oh that’s a lot all I got to say it’s been a really good unit so far

just follow the break-in procedure use the synthetic blend oil that power for

power mates for it there’s the rating on it sixty gallon

all that other stuff it’s yeah there’s a here’s a nameplate on the motor that

comes with it and here’s the tag and the model number off the side of it then you

guys want to look thing up anywhere either, but cheapest nice to 660 gallon that I

could find anywhere they did me real good so yeah anyway that’s just a quick

review and I will I’ll put up more stuff later as I as I put in the hair system

I’m going to go with the all copper air system yeah and maybe dissident dryer

for painting and all sorts of other awesome stuff that that’ll be later to

come so anyway yeah have a good one youtubes.

Source : Industrial Air 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor and Industrial Air Machine 60 Gallon Air Compressor

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