1700 Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter With Air Compressor Review

Jump Starter With Air Compressor

I have is the solar eclipse 425 cranking out professional-grade battery with 260

psi air compressor 1700 peak amps and 425 cold cranking amps x2 J battery

technology for reliable cranking and charging 12 volt power port for your

12-volt accessories adjustable multi position work light recharge from 120

volt AC outlet 46 inch heavy duty cable leads with industrial-grade clamps auto

charge shutoff this is backed by a one year warranty and is this is model HP

1700 a high performance jump starter never to read what it says on

the side it says with premium long life battery and up to 1700 peak amperes the

solar eclipse jump starter is for vehicle owners and professionals who

needs strong dependable starting power the ability to provide over 40 jumps

between charges 36 inches heavy-duty cables adjustable multi position light

battery status indicator DC port for charging or memory saver when swapping

batteries an auto charge shot off make the HP j 1700’s handy as it is powerful

solar eclipse products are specifically designed for vehicle jump-starting

applications capable of delivering 1700 PCM peers and 425 cold cranking amp

ere’s of starting power high-grade 550 amperes fully insulated copper clamps with high

tension Springs penetrate corrosion on battery terminals and

transfer maximum power to the vehicle’s battery it’s durable drop test a

chemical heat and cold resistant case offer protection from everyday shop

garage and outdoor environments whether you’re out in the shop out on the road

or out in the woods HP J 1700 can be stored easily and safely for when you need it most let’s

go ahead and get into this right here and you can find a link within this

explanation’s description to where you can order it online as well as find more

explanations and photos if that’s everything in the box right there I’m going to put

the box out of the way at an owner’s manual there have a cable

right here and this has important fully charged before using this unit should be

recharged at least every three months or after use follow charging disruption

instructions described an owner’s manual you’ll need to be sure to do that before

what we use it for just a very heavy and very well-made unit here you can see on

the side you’ve got your red for positive very high-quality

jumper cables here and it’s fitted so it just goes down and bites on there and it

stays on the other side you’ve got your negative of course over here you’ve got

your you’ve got a DC socket if you need to deter something maybe a cell phone or

something along those lines status you can see the battery status by pushing

that down and see it’s it’s somewhat low because I haven’t haven’t charged it yet

I’m gonna do that you got the light which is nice and then on this other side

you got an air compressor and what’s cool you’ve got a meter that will tell

you the it should be psi yeah so tell you the air pressure of your tires when

you’ve got it connected of course so just a very convenient all-in-one type

package to where you cannot where you can put it in your garage or your

vehicle and have it when you need it what I like about this this right here

this is the hose for the tires for airing up tires look at that it’s tucked

away in there it’s very nice and very stored very conveniently and that’s

that’s one of the things the design of this by having all of these cables so

well organized it it better prevents it becoming snagged on something and this

handle is really really heavy-duty it’s all in all just I mean an incredible an

incredible thing to have on hand so if you’re if you may need some power when

you don’t expect it it’s good to have this thing charged up you can air up

tires you can you can jump-start a battery you can charge small electronic

devices like cell phones etc that’s your standard standard cigarette lighter

style plug right there you got a light as we demonstrated earlier if you need

to illuminate the work area and you can just check it periodically to see where

your battery is and know if you need to charge it up some more and that’s what I

want to do now is find the the power plug for the for the power cable to charge it up

I’m sure it’s listed in the owners manual I just I’m never an owner’s

manual kind of person power charging adapter right there and

see that’s conveniently located in the back of it as well which is nice

everything everything is well organized for this as I’ve mentioned previously

plug that in and plug that into your wall jack and you can charge the battery

Super Duper cool so again check the link within this explanation’s description you can

find more more photos and explanations that I’ve posted as well as the link to where

you can order this online just a great thing to have around I mean if you’re if

if you want to be prepared this is just another device that it’s good to have so.

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